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Jose Pouj / Jonas Kopp / NX1 & more - Injected Poison Records 007 / 008 / 009

Recording info

The next reference Injected Poison Records is loaded with an original track by Jose Pouj and 3 remixes from Jonas Kopp, Luis Ruiz and Kwartz.

A deep and sharp, with dark sounds and atmospheres of fear EP. The original track by Jose Pouj, leaves a path laden with thick deep bass line, atmospheres and a hat that comes all the way.
Jonas Kopp remix more forceful with a stronger kick and a more progressive and sharp hats.
The remix of Luis Ruiz leaves show their usual sound that identifies this artist, maintaining the original sounds does your personal brand. Kwartz, a young producer who hits hard, perhaps the deepest and darkest part of the EP, making atmospheres pro- tagonist and a strong kick and sub bass. A full EP that does not disappoint.


Mycobacterium, the eighth installment of the Spanish label Injected Poison Records.
For this occasion the label has invited only Spanish techno producers: Jose Pouj with 2 original tracks and remixes by Tadeo and NX1 with his take in analog format.

Jose Pouj leaves us two versions of the same project. In its first version a deeper track that makes its way through a thick bass line and atmospheres, and with its progressive percussion it hypes the crowd,while the V2 covers lower frequencies and has enough dynamics keeps the groove and is focused on the dance floor.

Tadeo exposes perhaps the most cautious version of EP, and no less forceful, bringing fresh sounds where percussion takes the direction of the track and retaining many of the original sounds, changing the track enough to recognize his personal signature.

The remix of NX1 hits hard, entering its deepest and most aggressive face, keeping more nuances present in the original version, the duo from Barcelona introduce a double bassdrum and sharp percussion to satisfy the fans of the harder sound.

This completes a strong EP full of energy, with which we can take a trip accompanied by fresh, deep and percussion sounds and sharp enough forcefulness, an EP that can't miss in your recordbag.


Organic Failure is the title of the latest release on Injected Poison.

On this release we have 2 original tracks and 2 remixes from two of the most important producers in the techno scene at the moment.

Jose Pouj named, his first two tracks SIRIS and FMO, two tracks produced through hardware and software with a thick bass, synth and deep atmospheres.

Christian Wunsch is responsible for the first remix, with a more forceful and direct dancefloor approach.

Orphx delivers his version of metamorphosis, keeping the original sounds and shifting forward Orphx trademark sounds.

Release Info


pos artists title
A1 Jose Pouj Stealth
A2 Jose Pouj Stealth ( remix Jonas Kopp )
B1 Jose Pouj Stealth ( remix Luis Ruiz )
B2 Jose Pouj Stealth ( remix Kwartz )
C1 Jose Pouj Mycobacterium
C2 Jose Pouj Mycobacterium V2
D1 Jose Pouj Mycobacterium ( remix Tadeo )
D2 Jose Pouj Mycobacterium ( remix NX1 )
E1 Jose Pouj SRIS
E2 Jose Pouj FMO
F1 Jose Pouj SRIS ( remix Christian Wunsch )
F2 Jose Pouj FMO ( remix Orphx )
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