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Specialivery - Gravity Darkening [180 grams / white vinyl / full colour gatefold]

Recording info

"The universe,
purity, simplicity and deceits,
profundity, solitude and hardness.
A brilliant yet dark setting.

A place of fleeting ephemeral encounters, real and intense nonetheless, where the forces sustaining it all are neither dark matter nor dark energy, but rather the outcome of the explosion of infinite ancestral love between the creation and its creator, in an era where one was still everything.

Gravity Darkening is an astronomic phenomenon, in which the light emanating from a star is distorted to the eyes of the beholder. A bridge of playful mirrors between reality and its perception in a binary code world, where man can dream unconditionally when reflecting himself in the absence of light.

This album is an expression of the allegorical essence of my lived experience and its resulting analysis, projected into another timeline, parallel to ours".
- Specialivery

Product specs:
- Double - 12" - 180gr - White - Gatefold Color Cover - LP.
- Cut by Lawrie Dunster - Curve Pusher - UK.
- Mastered by Joe Farr - UK.
- Original and exclusive cover and labels art by one of the best italian comic illustrators - Sergio Giardo of Bonelli Editore - IT.
- Inside: 1x Astronaut side Sticker, 1x Specialivery Logo Sticker, 1x "SPECIALIVERY" Sticker.
- Matt lamination cover.
- Polywrap Resealable Cover - King Seal
- 11 Songs
- 33 rpm
- 128 - 132 bpm

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • OBL001
  • Label:
  • Oblate Records
  • Format:
  • 2x12"
  • Title:
  • Gravity Darkening [180 grams / white vinyl / full colour gatefold]
  • Artist:
  • Specialivery
  • Style:
  • Techno
  • Country:
  • Switzerland
  • Released:
  • 20th of February 2020


pos title
A1 Overpowered by Vega Radiations
A2 Three Suns on Proxima Centauri
A3 KOI500 System Spacewalk
B1 Convective Heat Transfer
B2 Gravity Darkening
B3 Li-Fi Connected with Rigel B
C1 Gravity Stirs the Depths of Insomnia
C2 Planetary Romance
C3 Intergalactic Sniper
D1 Losing Wits on Infnite Moons
D2 Dark Physical Cosmology
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