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release-list - weeknr. #39

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Triple Vision| top

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Techno| top

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1. Backspin Records
Wyrus & Matija Marinic

A1 Bambina
A2 Bambina
B1 Spin Me
B2 Spin Me

BackSpin, Josh Love's last baby, is a ne...
Bambina EP

remix Darkrow

remix Josh Love

BSN 02 12"  
2. GT Muzike
Fer BR & Toni Alvarez / Spiros Kaloumenos / Dj Mika / Ivan Devero

A1 Xoubas
A2 Sahara
B1 Moments
B2 Dilatacion Fallida

The followup on the wicked Off Road rele...

Fer BR & Toni Alvarez
Spiros Kaloumenos
Dj Mika
Ivan Devero

GTMUZIKE 005 12"  
3. Injected Poison Records
Oscar Mulero / Jose Pouj / Asagaoaudio

A1 Meta
B1 Meta - Original Mix
B2 Bear Said Don't Worry - Original Mix

Brand new Spanish techno release for the...

Jose Pouj remix Oscar Mulero
Jose Pouj

IP 004 12"  
4. Patterns
Claudio Ponticelli remix A.Paul / Fer BR

A1 Think Boomedelic
A2 Think Boomedelic
B1 That's Life
B2 That's Life

Exciting new artist Claudio Ponticelli w...
Think Boomedelic

Claudio Ponticelli remix A.Paul
Claudio Ponticelli
Claudio Ponticelli remix Fer BR
Claudio Ponticelli

PATRN 060 12"  
5. Technopassion Records
George Le Nagelaux

A1 Genocidium
B1 Tod fuer die freiheit
B2 Freiheit durch tod

Wicked limited-edition coloured-vinyl th...
Freiheit EP

TP 010 12"  

Minimal Techno / House| top

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6. Mallory Records

A1 Less Than You
A2 Less Than You
B1 Player

Played and support by: Skyboy, Someone E...
Less Than You

remix Lemos

MALLORY 012 12"  

Hard Techno| top

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7. Beast Music
DJ Ogi / Matt M Maddox

A1 Rave Evolution
A2 Rave Evolution
B1 Art Hard
B2 Magnitude

DJ Ogi is back! The man with the most de...
Rave Evolution EP

DJ Ogi
DJ Ogi remix Matt M Maddox
DJ Ogi
DJ Ogi

BEAST 012 12"  

Electro| top

id label artist |  tracks title |  track artists catalog format EUR
8. Borderline
Wobbler / D Vice

A1 Stereo Conspiracy
A2 Stereo Conspiracy
B1 Ptac
B2 Ptac

Massive dancefloor electro techno. A goo...
Stereo Conspiracy / Ptac

Wobbler remix Glowout
D Vice
D Vice remix The Edge

9. Phonon
Various Artists

A1 I have A Dream
A2 Box 55
B1 Master Piece Of Body
B2 Master Piece Of Body

Like his first instalment, Phonon hits h...
Phonon Records 02

Bone Machine
Dick Lorentz
Dick Lorentz
Dick Lorentz remix D Vice

PHONON02 12"  

N.E.W.S. // Releases| top

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10. Eskibeat Recordings

A1 Discocracy
B1 August

Discocracy / August

541416503808 12"  
11. Lektroluv

A1 Guiro
A2 Guiro
B1 Fakirology
B2 Fakirology


Highbloo remix Mumbai Science
Highbloo remix Will Bailey

LL37 12"  
12. Lektroluv
Sound Of Stereo

A1 Helium
A2 Helium
B1 Radium
B2 Helium


Sound Of Stereo
Sound Of Stereo remix Jan Driver
Sound Of Stereo
Sound Of Stereo remix Paul Chambers

LL36 12"  
13. Remote Area
Wouter De Moor & Gideon Bouwens

A1 Im A Flirt For You
A2 Dont Blame It On Me
B1 Bodypump
B2 Prophet

Im A Flirt For You

REMOTE029 12"  
14. Doctor Vinyl Records

A1 Doctor Vinyls Groove That Just Wont Stop
B1 Blofunk (African Dub)

Raw Trax For Smooth People

RDLGI001 12"  
15. Doctor Vinyl Records
DC Salas

A1 Peru
A2 Peru
B1 Petit Bonheur
B2 Peru

Peru Remixes

DC Salas
DC Salas remix Go Bang!
DC Salas
DC Salas remix Dave DK

RDLGI002 12"  
16. 100% Pure
Jay Lumen

A1 Mooovin
B1 The Story
B2 IS Mine


PURE062 12"  
17. Paso Music
Sebrok / Tassilo

A1 Who Stole The Soul
B1 Who Stole The Soul

Who Stole The Soul Remixes

Sebrok & Tassilo remix Anja Schneider
Sebrok & Tassilo remix Steve Lawler

PASO23 12"  
18. White
Timo Maas

A1 Kick 1 / Kick 3

Kick 1 / Kick 3

ROCK005 12"  
19. Token Records

A1 Xylo 3
A2 The Dialogue
B1 Subtext
B2 Further Trials

"Phase is back on track with a new Token...
Subtext EP

TOKEN16 12"  

Tresor // Pre-orders| top

id label artist |  tracks title |  track artists catalog format EUR
20. Tresor Records
Jeff Mills

A1 Robot Replica
B1 Flood
B2 Revolt

The Man From Tomorrow returns with a sou...

TRESOR10155T 12"  
21. Tresor Records
Matthew Herbert

A1 Mistakes (Demonic Version)
B1 Mistakes (Housey Housey Version)
B2 Mistakes (Album Version)


TRESOR10157T 12"  
22. Tresor Records
Bam Bam

A1 Where's Your Child
B1 Where's Your Child
B2 Give It To Me

Chris Westbrook pioneered Chicago Acid a...
Where's Your Child

Bam Bam remix DJ Rush
Bam Bam
Bam Bam

TRESOR10165 12"  
23. Tresor Records
The Advent

A1 Pagodas
A2 Womans Scent
B1 Tresor West
B2 Womans Scent

Side A features Adam Beyer, with a remix...
T.R.I.N.I.T.Y. Remixes

The Advent remix Adam Beyer
The Advent remix Hertz
The Advent remix Chris Liebing
The Advent remix Heinrich Mueller

TRESOR10224 12"  
24. Tresor Records

A1 Intro
A2 First
A3 Krautrock
B1 Movement
B2 9 Hours Into The Future
C1 Depart
C2 Rotunda
C3 Waiting
D1 Scorn
D2 Return

Surgeon fires up his second album releas...
Basic Tonal Vocabulary

TRESOR10073LP 2x12"  
25. Tresor Records

A1 Remnants Of What Once Was
B1 Black Jackal Throwbacks
C1 Returning Of The Purity Of Current
D1 At The Heart Of It All

Surgeons third Tresor album reinforces t...
Force + Form

TRESOR10117LP 2x12"  
26. Tresor Records

A1 Digital Tsunami
A2 Soul Of The Sea
B1 Dr. Blowfins Black Storm Stabilizing ...
B2 Song Of The Green Whale
C1 Lake Haze
C2 Mission To Ociya Syndor And Back
D1 Under Sea Disturbances

Detroit's best-kept secret reloads the t...
Harnessed The Storm

TRESOR10181LP 2x12"  
27. Tresor Records
Various Artists

A1 Sonic Destroyer
A2 The Hypnotist
B1 Ghost
B2 Low
C1 Ploy
C2 Drugs Work
D1 Lyot

2 x EP's of the label's greatest moments...
True Spirit Vol 1

Jeff Mills
Blake Baxter
Eddie Flashin´ Fowlkes
Maurizio remix Strategic
System 01
Vainqueur remix Maurizio

TRESOR10185LP 2x12"  
28. Tresor Records
Various Artists

A1 The Signal Path (edit)
A2 The Storm
B1 Altaria
B2 Striking Fingers
C1 Tresorrrr... (Back up Mix)
C2 (Intro) (Version II)
D1 Intermission
D2 Music Just Turns

It's Not Over

Joey Beltram
DisX 3
Oscar Mulero
Dave Tarrida
DJ Rush
Joey Beltram remix Chris Liebing Remix
Gary Martin

TRESOR10220LP 2x12"  

Veto // Pre-orders| top

id label artist |  tracks title |  track artists catalog format EUR
29. Battle Trax
Kronos Device

A1 Atom Smasher!
A2 Below The Surfaces
B1 Robotmachine
B2 Us & Them

Dynamik Devices EP

Kronos Device
Kronos Device remix DBS
Kronos Device
Kronos Device remix Kronos

BT17 12"  
30. Bonus Round
Luke's Anger

A1 Working On The Floor -2010 VIP Remash-
A2 Nice Car
B1 Project Perk
B2 Tombstone Trax
B3 Soundclash
C1 Worried Sid
C2 Bruce Wobbelaar
D1 Gross Negligence
D2 Bebop Drop
D3 Several Sized Too Big

Live Wrong And Prosper

BONUSROUND007 2x12"  
31. RSB
Regis & Female

A1 Reality Or Nothing Female Mix
B1 Reality Or Nothing Regis Mix
B2 Reality Or Nothing 98 Original Mix

Mixes EP

RSB008 12"  
32. RSB
Regis & Female

A1 Reality Or Nothing CH Signal Mix
A2 Reality Or Nothing Original Demo Mix
B1 Reality Or Nothing
B2 Reality Or Nothing

Reality Or Nothing Mixes 2

Regis & Female
Regis & Female
Regis & Female remix Function
Regis & Female remix Silent Servant

RSB009 12"  
33. Surface
Nick Dunton

A1 Oikumene
B1 Echoes From The Deep

Journeys To The Deep Vol 1.

Nick Dunton remix 65000 Leagues
Nick Dunton remix Submersion

SFBSF001 12"  

END OF LIST...| top