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release-list - weeknr. #43

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Triple Vision| top

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Techno // Triple Vision| top

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1. Funk Me
Carl Falk / Thermo / Fer BR / Aitor Ronda

A1 Funk You
A2 Crusty Funk
B1 Keep It Real
B2 Pagando Mi Cumpleanos

Funk Me Recordings again. For this new ...
Keep it Real EP

Carl Falk
Fer BR
Aitor Ronda

FUNKME003 12"  
2. Pohjola
Charlton / Jeroen Search

A1 Black Slong
A2 Sinister
B1 Avatar's Quest
B2 Stardust

Warning! This is no retirement home tech...
Kuudes Runo

Jeroen Search
Jeroen Search

POH 006 12"  
3. Remain Records
Axel karakasis

A1 Blue Ringed
A2 Shot on Purpose
B1 Broken

Remain 010 - Shot on Purpose EP has arri...
Shot on Purpose EP

REMAIN 010 12"  
4. Special Series
DJ Cristiao & Prude Polly / Ivan Devero / Raul Mezcolanza

A1 Alexandra
A2 Sofía
B1 Urban Tribe
B2 Alexandra

Sexy Grooves labelboss Cristiao teams up...
Special Series 29

DJ Cristiao & Prude Polly remix Raul Mezcolanza
DJ Cristiao & Prude Polly
DJ Cristiao & Ivan Devero
DJ Cristiao & Prude Polly

SPSERIES 029.5 12"  
5. Tonal Path
Glenn Wilson & Mattias Fridell

A1 Labtone
A2 The Bridge
B1 Be Yourself
B2 False Sequence

Well here it is folks, the brand new deb...
The Bridge / No More Ghosts

TONAL1.2 12"  
6. Yin Yang
Wyrus & Matija Marinic

A1 Frequency Sweep
A2 Frequency Sweep
B1 Frequency Sweep
B2 Frequency Sweep

Yin Yang never rests and constantly deli...
Frequency Sweep

remix Roman Zawodny
remix Thermo
remix Spiros Kaloumenos
remix A.Paul

YYR 031 12"  

Minimal Techno / House // Triple Vision| top

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7. Agile Recordings
Flavio Diaz

A1 Blue
A2 Gebroken Hart
B1 Blue

Supported by: Sebastien Leger, John Aqua...
Blue EP

remix Uto Karem

AGILE 008 12"  
8. Rilis remix
Rino Cerrone

A1 Rilis05A1 Rino Cerrone 2010 Re-edit
B1 Fracture Uto Karem smash up mix
B2 Burntit

Rino Cerrone's legendary Rilis series re...
Rilis Remix Series 6

remix Rino Cerrone
remix Uto Karem
remix Danilo Vigorito

RILISRMX 006 12"  

Repress // Triple Vision| top

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9. P Series

A1 D.A.N.C.E.
B1 Right Here Right Now
B2 69 Stars

Sneaky business for the dancefloor, you ...
D.A.N.C.E. / 69 Stars

P 053 12"  
10. P Series

A1 Komodo remix
B1 Sunshine
B2 Killbill

Wicked brand new hard techno edit's!! Ch...
Komodo remix

P 054HT 12"  

Non-Exclusives| top

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N.E.W.S.| top

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11. Bang Bang
Tom Ruijg

A1 I Am Someboy
A2 Lost In Thoughts
B1 A Lie Has No Legs
B2 Mr Magic

I Am Somebody

BANG012 12"  
12. Curle Recordings
Frank Martiniq

A1 Golden Dusk
B1 Golden Dawn

Golden Dusk

Frank Martiniq
Frank Martiniq & Aera

CURLE030 12"  
13. International Deejay Gigolos
Fagget Fairys

A1 Feed The Horse
B1 Feed The Horse

Feed The Horse

Fagget Fairys
Fagget Fairys remix DJ Hell

GIGOLO 273 12"  
14. Intacto Records
David Labeij

A1 White T
B1 Black T

Feels Like It

INTACTO029 12"  
15. Music Man Records
Petar Dundov

A1 Distant Shores

Distant Shores

MM151 12"  
16. Tresor Records
Jeff Mills

A1 Late Night (Mills Mix)
A2 Late Night
B1 Basic Human Design

Late Night

TRESOR10183 12"  
17. Tresor Records
Bam Bam

A1 Where's Your Child
B1 Where's Your Child
B2 Give It To Me

Chris Westbrook pioneered Chicago Acid a...
Where's Your Child

Bam Bam remix DJ Rush
Bam Bam
Bam Bam

TRESOR10165 12"  
18. Tresor Records
The Advent

A1 Pagodas
A2 Womans Scent
B1 Tresor West
B2 Womans Scent

Side A features Adam Beyer, with a remix...
T.R.I.N.I.T.Y. Remixes

The Advent remix Adam Beyer
The Advent remix Hertz
The Advent remix Chris Liebing
The Advent remix Heinrich Mueller

TRESOR10224 12"  
19. Tresor Records
Matthew Herbert

A1 Mistakes (Demonic Version)
B1 Mistakes (Housey Housey Version)
B2 Mistakes (Album Version)


TRESOR10157T 12"  
20. Tresor Records
Jeff Mills

A1 Robot Replica
B1 Flood
B2 Revolt

The Man From Tomorrow returns with a sou...

TRESOR10155T 12"  
21. Turbo
Terence Fixmer

A1 Epsilon
B1 Rotor
B2 Epsilon (Sei A Light Remix)


Terence Fixmer
Terence Fixmer
Terence Fixmer remix Sei A Light

TURBO092 12"  

Veto| top

id label artist |  tracks title |  track artists catalog format EUR
22. Another Intelligence

A1 Morse Processing
A2 Release
B1 Speaking Aliens
B2 Considering A Fact

Another intelligence, is the label with ...

AI02 12"  
23. Interakt
Flint Kids / Monster X

A1 The Cantor Dust
A2 Potassium
B1 The Cantor Dust (Monster X Mix)

The Cantor Dust Remixes

Flint Kids
Flint Kids
Flint Kids

AKT003 12"  
24. Ancient Methods
Ancient Methods

A1 Track 01
B1 Track 02
B2 Track 03

Fifth Method

AM05 12"  
25. Blueprint Records
James Ruskin / Regis & 65D Mavericks

A1 Return
B1 Return
B2 Return (Original)

Return Remixes

James Ruskin remix Regis
James Ruskin remix 65D Mavericks
James Ruskin

BPLTD002 12"  
26. Fathop
Itsu Uno

A1 B-Boy Rave For The Ageing Hipster Part ...
B1 The Elephant (More Trunk Edit)

B-Boy Rave For The Ageing Hipster Part Two

FATHOP002 7"  
27. Sonic Groove
Ancient Methods vs. Adam X

A1 Proarrhythmia (Ancient Methods Mix
A2 Proarrhythmia (Adam X Mix)
B1 Mital Regurgitation (Adam X Mix)
B2 Mital Regurgitation (Ancient Methods ...

Cardiac Dysrhythmia

SG1041 12"  

END OF LIST...| top