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New Hardcore Releases - weeknr. #46

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1. Born Ultra Violent

A1 Beer Song of Death
A2 Twisted Turn
B1 Tragic waste of silence
B2 Ultraviolent

Detest strikes back on Born Ultraviolent...
Beer Song of Death

BUV 013 12"  
2. Nekrolog1k Recordings
I:Gor / Counterstrike / Igneon System / Dolphin

A1 Icebreaker
B1 Take Me Into The Darkness

The 3rd Nekrolog1k E.P. is finally here,...
RMX Series

I:Gor remix Counterstrike
Igneon System remix Dolphin

NLG1K 003 12"  
3. Pacemaker

A1 Tree Trunk Destroyed
B1 Sulphur Fight

Out now, the second E.P. from the Axe Ga...
Tree Trunk Destroyed / Sulphur Fight

PACEMAKER 016 12"  
4. Smackdown Recordings
The Outside Agency

A1 The Flux Capacitor
B1 Destruction

Finally it's out, one of the most antici...
The Flux Capacitor / Destruction

SMACKDOWN 002 10"  

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id label artist |  tracks title |  track artists catalog format EUR
5. Born Ultra Violent

A1 House Of 1000 Kick Drums Remix
B1 Fishika

Hellfish is back on Born Ultraviolent, a...
House Of 1000 Kick Drums Remix

BUV 011 12"  
6. Born Ultra Violent

A1 Bruk Up
B1 Knuckless Raw

The first long awaited Axe Gabba Murda M...
Bruk Up / Knuckless Raw

BUV 012 12"  
7. Deathchant Records

A1 Love Song
A2 Go Out And Kill Tonight
B1 Boom Core
B2 Brassy

Excellent 4 tracker by Detest. 4 awsome ...
Love Song

DEATHCHANT 057 12"  
8. Deathchant Records

A1 Boost The Dose
B1 Harder Than Hard

Hellfish is back on Deathchant and in wh...
Boost The Dose / Harder Than Hard

DEATHCHANT 058 12"  
9. Meta4

A1 Future in Progress
A2 Gargoyle
B1 Lava Bomb
B2 Probotector
B3 The Haunted

Moleculez returns to Meta4 ready to clea...
Bastard of the Universe

META4 J 12"  
10. Meta4
Deceiver & Ophidian / SPL / The Outside Agency & Tapage

A1 Wolfman
A2 Subconscious
B1 Choice Mission
B2 Laptop Duel

The long-awaited Issue 03 of Meta4 is fi...
Issue 03 - Monophobia

Deceiver & Ophidian
SPL & Ophidian
The Outside Agency & Tapage
Deceiver & Ophidian

META4 K 12"  
11. Ninja Columbo Recordings
The Teknoist / Scheme Boy / Randomoidz

A1 Wet Bent Grannies
A2 Our Style Actualy ;)
B1 Versus Unleashed
B2 Tequila Mockingbird

Also Ninja Columbo is back, providing yo...
The Canary War EP

The Teknoist & Scheme Boy
The Teknoist
The Teknoist & Scheme Boy
Scheme Boy & Randomoidz

NJ 006 12"  
12. Nekrolog1k Recordings
Various Artists

A1 Battle Angel
A2 Wicked Children
B1 Absolute True Force
B2 Take Me Into Your Darkness

Great solo E.P. by I:gor, this time on N...
NLG1K 01 - disc01

DJ Hidden
Igneon System

NLG1K 001 12"  
13. Nekrolog1k Recordings

A1 Icebreaker
A2 God Left This Place
B1 Everything Is War
B2 Let's Get Dirty

Great solo E.P. by I:gor, this time on N...
NLG1K 02 - disc 01

NLG1K 002 12"  
14. Pacemaker

A1 Galloping Neurosis
B1 Paralish

2 tracker by I:gor, amazing down- and up...
Galloping Neurosis / Paralish

PACEMAKER 014 12"  
15. Pacemaker
Bryan Fury

A1 Ownage
B1 Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

After more than 2 years Bryan Fury is ba...
Brace Yourself

PACEMAKER 015 12"  
16. Provoke Recordings
Sxt a.k.a. Tieum

A1 Fuck You
A2 I go back to the bar
B1 Im Hardcore
B2 Setuplura

ProVoke Recordings strikes back with a s...
Provoke 06

PROVOKE 006 12"  
17. Sadistic Recordings
Fiend / Deathmachine

A1 Hell
A2 Want To Know
B1 Aggression Strand
B2 Open Your Eyes

Perfect 4 tracker by Fiend and Deathmach...


SADISTIC 003 12"  
18. Smackdown Recordings
Various Artists

A1 I Think Im Gonna Piss On You (Bad ...
A2 Gangsta Grandad Warfare
B1 Untouched
B2 What I Can See

Smackdown Recordings 001 by Hellfish, Br...
The Uncensored EP

Bryan Fury
DJ Hidden
Somatic Responses

SMACKDOWN 001 12"  

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