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Hardcore release-list - weeknr. #34

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1. Underground Music

A1 Incriminating Evidence (Matt Green's ...
A2 Incriminating Evidence (Detest's Knife ...
A3 Incriminating Evidence (Fiend's UK ...
B1 Incriminating Evidence (The DJ ...
B2 Incriminating Evidence (Deathmachine's ...
B3 Incriminating Evidence (Biochip C's ...

Great remix package!

CD t...
Incriminating Evidence Remixes - Including CD Album

remix Matt Green
remix Detest
remix Fiend
remix The Dj Producer
remix Deathmachine
remix Biochip C

NOISJ_UM001 12"  
2. Jigsore Record
Various Artists

A1 Wickest Ting (11 pm rolling mix)
A2 Style Thing
B1 The Sound Choice
B2 Binge Master

Breakcore galore!
Jigsore Records #8

Oshkosh and Osci
Ely Muff

JIGSORE008 12"  
3. Ninja Columbo Recordings
Various Artists

A1 The Audacity
B1 Mutated Core

The Teknoist & Dolphin, booom!
Ninja Columbo #10

The Teknoist & Dolphin
Undead Roniin

NJ010 12"  
4. DHM Records
Various Artists

A1 defekt
A2 Jaja 2
A3 evil live
B1 Addicted Forever
B2 life or death
B3 Acid 9 (Reworked Version)

DHM Records #6

Thee Void
Syrius 23
Low Entropy

DHM006 12"  
5. Audio Damage

A1 The Hunted VIP
A2 Analog 2 Digital
B1 Back With Da Business
B2 Pay The Price
C1 Next Level Shit
C2 The Anthem
D1 Metallic
D2 Tear Out (Breakcore Mix)

Amazing album!
Hello, This Is Your Computer Speaking

ADLP002 2x12"  
6. Motormouth Recordz
[KRTM] / Stormtrooper

A1 PostCelebrated
A2 PostCelebrated
A3 Smokin' Boobs Cafe
B1 Beautiful Music
B2 Shabby Chic

Split EP

remix Matt Green

MOUTH008 12"  
7. Motormouth Recordz
Igneon System

A1 Rude Mood
A2 Hit The Hood
B1 There Is No Back In The Day Shit
B2 The Illest

Amazing Picture disc!
The Executioner EP

feat. Homeboy remix Tugie

MOUTH009 12" P.DISC  

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8. Our Fucking Jungle

A1 Dangerouuus (Amen Riddled Rinseout)
B1 M.S.W. (Algorithmic's Bumba Bashup)

Our Fucking Jungle!
Murderation EP

OFJ003 12"  
9. Hong Kong Violence
Tripped & Khaoz Engine

A1 Het Wilde Westen
A2 Hostile
B1 Good Intentions and Evil Doings
B2 A Song To Make Grandma's Teeth Grind

Brand new Hong Kong Violence
Competition Is None Vol.3

HKV014 12"  
10. Hardline Rekordingz
Paul Blackout

A1 Highway 375
B1 The Number ReReRemix

Great new Paul Blackout!
Indirectly Out Of Ashfield

HARDLINE029 12"  
11. Scare Tactics LTD
Infernal Noise

A1 Awakening Of Evilness
B1 Das Ende (Cut Hacked and Reassembled ...

Huge crossbread release.
Wetz Noerk

Wetz Noerk remix Infernal Noise

STLTD001 10"  

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