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Patrik along with early friend Staffan Ehrlin and older brother Niklas spent the first years
of learning sequensing and arranging on Atari computers, samplers, tapedecks,
and cheap synths & effect modules exploring ways of creating everything from EBM
to electronic industrial music and all things dancemusic around the mid 90's.
Production efforts started to turn more towards hard techno and become more consistent
when "Headroom" was formed together with A.FluX and Henrik Larsson in early 1997.
In 1998 their first 12” record was released on the Swedish Stockholm label Loop records.
Since then releases followed on respected techno labels such as Evil Deception, Planet
Rhythm UK, Synewave NY, Cloned, Template, Submissions, Compound and many more.

Aside from Headroom, Patrik began a solo project in 1999, slightly more towards dark
tribal compared to his collaborations. Having worked for German and American labels
he decided to set-up Native Diffusion Records, initially with a friend in Germany.
This focuses mainly on own productions, but also showcased remixes from the likes
of Damon Wild, W.J Henze, Inigo Kennedy, Slobodan, Takaaki Itoh & Hardcell.
As of 2003 and 2004 other talent started to appear on the label as well, respected
producers and newcomers to the techno-scene alike.

2004 also saw Headroom´s debut release on the classic NYC Synewave label getting
licensed to the "Exhibitionist" CD and DVD compilation, compiled and mixed by
world renowned DJ Jeff Mills. As the popularity of Patrik´s style of techno has
increased over the last years, remix offers drop in frequently and one of the recent
jobs was for fellow swede Adam Beyer and his now classic Drumcode imprint, which
shortly thereafter lead to releases of his own on Drumcode, and the sublabel Truesoul.

Skoog has also Dj’d from the beginning of his career and has played praised gigs
in the UK, North- and South America and all across Europe. In early 2005 a new project
was found in "Agaric" where he explores the slower, deeper realm of techno and house.
With productions on his most recent well-received labelproject named "We Are", Patrik
is gaining alot of appreciation from industry peers, and you have seen a big change
in Dj performances as well as trackwork, where he excurts further and further away from
playing the typical hard sound from which he was known, and more often than not he
performs a deeper variety of tracks that hints of a new modern take on his early
influences from the likes of Robert Hood, Wolfgang Voigt or Plastikman. In 2006, the
Native Diffusion label is being put on ice, ending after six years at number 19 in the
series; a four track various artists e.p. entitled "End game", and Patrik starts performing
liveacts all over the world with the Agaric project, premiering at one of the leading festivals
for electronic music in the Nordic countries, Public Service.


catno. title label released format
FLUX 010 Chris Finke Presents... Volume 2 Flux Recordings 2008 12"
KM 001-6 Surfacing Kontra Musik 2006 12"
KM 002-6 The World Is Asleep Kontra Musik 2006 12"
LIEBE 010 Virke / Place to be Liebe & Detail 2006 12"
LUXA 001 Drop It .... its hot Luxaflex Records 2005 12"
LUXA 002 Sugar / Going up Luxaflex Records 2006 12"
LUXAPACK 001 Luxaflex Salespack Luxaflex Records 2008 3x12"
MK 011 Redefined Manuke 2006 12"
MOL 001 My Alphabet Moll 2006 12"
MOL 003 Acid Halo People Moll 2006 12"
OVM90113 Who Made Up the Rules Ovum 2011 12"
RAUM 063 Goose Step / C'est What? Raum Musik 2007 12"
SNDKT 003 The Third Syndikaat Records 2006 12"
SNDKT 007 Shinogi / The third remixes Syndikaat Records 2007 12"
SUNDIS 009-6 The Dark Holds The Sun Sunset Diskos 2008 12"
SUNSET 036 Half Of This & None Of That Sunset 2006 12"
TREIB 2063 Momentum EP Treibstoff 2006 12"
TRUE 1209 I'm always Watching Truesoul 2006 12"
WRR 002 Volume 2 We Are Records 2006 10"
WRR 004 Volume 4 We Are Records 2006 10"
WRR 005 Volume 5 We Are Records 2006 10"
WRR 006 Volume 6 We Are Records 2006 10"
WRR 008 Volume 8 We Are Records 2007 10"
WRR 1201 Don't wake up We Are Records 2006 12"
WRR 1202 Hear the drummer We Are Records 2007 12"
WRR 1203 4 on 12 EP We Are Records 2008 12"

catno. title label released format
TTT 017 Lirum Tora Tora Tora 2006 12"
WRR 1201 Don't wake up We Are Records 2006 12"
CSM 013 Lightning Strike CSM records 2006 12"
CHIC 004 Stolen Chic Sounds 2007 12"
WIT 002 Mythical EP Wit 2007 12"
PRTR 004 estrabismo Pariter 2007 12"
SNN 050 Level Of Detail Sinergy Networks 2007 12"
DROID 006 Reduxtion EP Droid 2008 12"
MLTD 009 Smoker EP Metroline Recordings 2008 12"
GLOBOXLTD 003 Spring 2008 Globox Limited 2008 12"
JATOA 001 Naked Cowboy Jato Unit Analog 2008 12"
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