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The Headroom project name contisting of Patrik Skoog,
Aon FluX and Henrik Larsson started off in southern
Sweden sometime 1997. Prior to that each member
have a history in producing music, as early fans of
electronica and industrial music from artists such as
cEvin Key and Front 242 they started to make electro
music with AtariĀ„s and synthezisers. This genre has been
reflected in their music production over the years and has
slowly evolved into the current sound which is rather more
influenced by the likes of early Detroit pioneers and modern
techno. In 1998 Headroom signed their first record deal to
release a twelve-inch on well established Stockholm techno
label Loop Records. That debut was followed up by a single on
the at the time all fresh Evil Deception label, hosted by
Cosmic One record store, Malmoe. More releases have
always followed on this hardhitting hometown label under
different projectnames. Furthermore after domestic work
releases came on respected European labels such as Shokoy
Records, Holzplatten, Parasound, Planet Rhythm and
Compound. After playing in the USA, Europe and the UK
Headroom have proved the world their skills behind turntables
as well and either work tagteam, spinning 6 decks,
or as solo-dj's. Keep a look out for a full length mix CD out
before you know it. As of the first year of the new millennium Headroom have made their debut on the classic llabel
Synewave, as well as releases keep coming from the
other side of the Atlantic through labels like
Blueline and Contaminated.

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