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1985 Music

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1985 Music


Records on 1985 Music
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 23 records
ONEF007 Drone Warfare EP Eprom 12"
ONEF008 Nighthawks EP Alix Perez 12"
ONEF009 Edition 1 Various Artists 3x12"
ONEF012 Enchiridion Alix Perez 12"
ONEF013 Xertz EP Submarine 12"
ONEF014 Spatia EP Monty 12"
ONEF015 Edition 2 Various Artists 12"
ONEF016 Broken Home EP Dogger & Mindstate & Liam Bailey 12"
ONEF017 Unite EP Fracture 12"
ONEF018 Hello EP Monty 12"
ONEF019 Folio / 2 Various Artists 12"
ONEF020 Phantonym EP [CLEAR Vinyl] Alix Perez 12"
ONEF021 Inferno EP Bredren 12"
ONEF022 Fate EP Submarine 12"
ONEF023 Blinded EP Monty feat. Visages / Alix Perex 12"
ONEF024 Angry Waves EP Cesco 12"
ONEF025 Edition 3 Various Artists 3x12"
ONEF026 The Time Is Yours EP Dogger & Mindstate 12"
ONEF029 About You EP Visages 12"
ONEF030 Without End EP Alix Perez 2x12"
ONEFLTD001 Better to Reign in Hell than to Serve in Heaven Shades 12"
ONEFLTD004 Last Rites EP Alix Perex 2x12"
ONEFLTD005 Ravana EP [repress / red vinyl] Alix Perex 2x12"

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