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250 Rec

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250 Rec


label profile: 250 Rec

250 Rec was born for the propose of sharing the best of Italian electronic scenery, giving room towards young artists with many ideas, wishing to be put to the test.Password is quality, essential prerogative to leave our mark on competitive market, now too much tied to fashions, names and trademarks, which influence its standards. Today we have been persuaded too easily that the best way to climb popularity rating is printing on our record (vinyl) the name of some best artists. It’s just this idea, according to 250 Rec, made sick the international music scenery (not just electronic one): The name undermined music, artists’ pedigrees replaced ideas, and all of this made a gradual supply flattening. Today discographic labels don't take risks anymore, betting on youth who, till some years ago, was the engine of a movement, the electronic music , all along in constant R-evolution.

In the light of these remarks, Matteo Cavicchia e Marco Fabiani have considered, it’s time to see the born of 250 Rec. Target is to create a pole in which flowing together dynamism, skills and passion of many young-italian-talents, more or less famous, that have the same passion for electronic music. Ambitious boys but ,at the same time, close together to the entire project: printed on vinyl, information will be reduced to the bone , releases must come with mystery halo and ,with just 300 copies, must became a researched and required object.
On A side (that will contain only one track) will be printed label-logo, whose colour will be changed release by release. On B side (containing no more than two tracks) will be printed EP name and 250 Rec website link.
Firmly convinced that the "unknown artist", next to a quality work, could create such an expectation and feelings as a success-disk does, we choose the strategy of not communicating the name of the artist produced EP tracks.
Music above everything!

Records on 250 Rec
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 4 records
250R001 Mile EP Unknown 12"
250R002 Mucho Malo EP Unknown 12"
250R003 Clownerie EP Unknown Artist 12"
250R004 Old Skull EP Lucero En Vivo 12"

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