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label profile: Dirtybird

Dirtybird was founded in 2002 during the production of "Intellect," one of the most intensive studies on DJs and producers of house and techno music ever filmed.

The Intellect dvd featured over 40 interviews with legendary producers like Juan Atkins, Orbital, Derrick Carter, Theo Parish, Stacey Pullen, Swayzak, Paul Van Dyk, and countless others. Originally called "Rook Records," director Barclay Crenshaw created the label in order to supply tracks for the dvd soundtrack. With the help of his college friend Nigel Richards of 611 records and newcomer Justin Martin, Barclay Crenshaw (aka Claude VonStroke) tracked over 30 pieces of original music for the dvd.

In 2003, Barclay's friend Christian Martin purchased a massive portable sound system and began throwing outdoor parties in San Francisco called "dirtybird." These parties began to build a solid audience with resident DJs Justin Martin, Christian Martin, Claude VonStroke, Worthy, and Sammy D. Soon after, Barclay changed the label name from "Rook Records" to "dirtybird" in order to tie in with the popular event. The bird logo was derived from a sketch cartoon character Barclay had been drawing since he was 10 years old.

In 2004, "dirtybird" began releasing vinyl to the universe. The first release, Justin Martin & Sammy D's "Southern Draw," was critically acclaimed and established the label as an underground success.

Records on Dirtybird
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 31 records
DB 008 who's afraid of detroit? remixes Claude Vonstroke 12"
DB 009 The Whistler Remixes Claude Vonstroke 12"
DB 010 Chimps Claude Vonstroke 12"
DB 011 irst_te? 12"
DB 012 heavyweight e.p. Tanner Ross & Killowatt vs. The Rejekts 12"
DB 013 fixed chicken ep Catz N Dogz 12"
DB 014 bubble Riva Starr 12"
DB 015 The Big Kazoo EP Style of Eye 12"
DB 017 Revox Tim Green 12"
DB 018 Rocket Surgery The Martin Brothers 12"
DB005 The Whistler Claude Vonstroke 12"
DB006 Beware of the Bird Claude Vonstroke 12"
DB007 The Martin Brothers The Martin Brothers 12"
DB063 DJ Cra$Y DJ Cra$Y 12"
DB068 Le Fantôme Claude Vonstroke & Jaw 12"
DB069 Yo Vogue French Fries 12"
DB071-DB072 Ghettos & Gardens LTD Edition Gatefold Vinyl Justin Martin 2x12"
DB077 Vertigo EP Eats Everything 12"
DB080 Space Alarm French Fries 12"
DBIRD 019 Rumble Rumble J. Phlip 12"
DBIRD 020 Congo Fire EP Solo / Zombie Disco Squad 12"
DBIRD 021 G.W.B. EP Itzone 12"
DBIRD 022 Sucker Punch EP Donk Boys 12"
DBIRD 023 Aundy EP Claude Vonstroke 12"
DBIRD 024 The Race EP Style of Eye 12"
DBIRD 025 Tim Green EP Tim Green 12"
DBIRD 027 The Greasy Beat Claude Vonstroke & Bootsy Collins 12"
DBIRD 029 Bird Brain Claude Vonstroke 12"
DBIRD 031 Sascha Braemer EP Sascha Braemer 12"
DBIRD 032 Um Bongo's Revenge Julio Bashmore 12"
DBSPECIAL04 Kemistry / Molikini Justin Martin 12"

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