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Records on Dolly
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 16 records
DOLLY007 Soulspeak Basic Soul Unit remix Shed 12"
DOLLY014 1 Various Artists 12"
DOLLY016 First Day EP Duplex 12"
DOLLY021 You Knew EP Basic Soul Unit 12"
DOLLY022 V.H.S.S. Compassion Crew 12"
DOLLY024 Lone Passenger Obsolete Music Technology 12"
DOLLY025 Songs For Tova Afik Naim 12"
DOLLY026 Here EP Brooks Mosher 12"
DOLLY027 Wallow Basic Soul Unit 12"
DOLLY028 Caligula EP Coni 12"
DOLLY029 Unofficial Discourse Esteban Adame 12"
DOLLY030 2 Various 12"
DOLLY031 The Bat Who Wanted To See The Sun Voiski 12"
DOLLYDELUXE1 Dollydeluxe1 Various Artists 12"
DOLLYDELUXE2 Dollydeluxe2 Various Artists 12"
DOLLYDELUXE4 Dollydeluxe4 Various Artists 12"

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