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Dread Recordings

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Dread Recordings


CDs on Dread Recordings
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 3 CDs
DREADUK007CD Dubplate Clash Dub Dread 4 Ray Keith Bladerunners CD
DREADUKCD 005 Analog Bass Bladerunner CD
DREADUKCD006 Dread Jungle Breaks Ray Keith 2xCD
Records on Dread Recordings
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 7 records
DREADLP003CD Vintage Dread Ray Keith 12"
DREADLP003EF Vintage Dread Ray Keith 12"
DREADUK 005 Gimme Some Signal / Montego Bay Ray Keith 12"
DREADUK 006 Dub Dread 2 Sampler Part 1 Serum 2x12"
DREADUK 007 Screwface's Revenge / Dubplate Special The Pedge 12"
DREADUK 008 Dub Dread - Volume 2 EP Bladerunner 2x12"
DREADUK027 Blackdragon EP Mr Explicit vs. Bladerunner 2x12"

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