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label profile: DrumWise

In the beginning there was word. And after the word came sound. And Drums. And Bass.

DrumWise is the first drum and bass label form the area of South Europe more precisely from Slovenia established by dj Lunic. Its main aim is to promote d’n’b producers from these parts and to build connections between them, so that with synergetic effects music can touch more hearts. Music policy is wide and it goes from deep jazzy, funky, disco, to harder drum and bass with strong melodies, deep bass, punchy drums and sometimes lovely vocals. One cannot expect anything less than stories, journeys, and gatherings and experiences. It’s what DrumWise essentially is. It’s what music essentially is.

Behind it are growing sub labels DrumWise.R wich brings hard beats and MentalCandy for breakbeat, nu.jazz, funk and rear grooves.

Records on DrumWise
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 2 records
DW 01 On A Mission / Slave Smooth / Rregula / Dementia / Nookie 12"
DW 02 Jealous Eyes Remix / Eternal Light Smooth / Utah Jazz 12"

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