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FK Recordings

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FK Recordings


label profile: FK Recordings

FK-Recordings stands for Felix Kröcher. And this name is a guarantee for pure Techno. His straightforward, tough-minded sound brought him a constantly growing fan base over the last years, made him tour around the globe and last but not least brings him top results in well respected polls for his work as producer, as DJ and for his popular radio show on Germany´s leading electronic music radio station Sunshine Live. Exactly this excessive banging sound Felix is acclaimed for by his frenetic crowd each weekend he is now translating to vinyl for FK-Recordings. So FK is going to become Felix Kroecher´s musical and spiritual home base, however it will be featuring other renowned acts too. But Felix will use his popularity as one of the scene´s top players to give new hot talents a chance as well and enhance the sound of FK permanently – uncaring, rebellious and far away from the usual everyday musical pap. Straight forward, powerful and without any compromise – that is FK!

Records on FK Recordings
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 5 records
FK-REC 001-6 Basic Understanding Felix Krocher 12"
FK-REC 002-6 Localization e.p. Ryuji Takeuchi 12"
FK-REC 003-6 Bova EP DJ Ogi 12"
FK-REC 004-6 Spookrijder EP Bas Mooy 12"
FK-REC 005-6 Fire EP Electronmike vs. Bernd Isaac 12"

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