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Fine Audio Recordings

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Fine Audio Recordings


label profile: Fine Audio Recordings

Fine Audio Recordings is a German techno label specializing in the hard minimal techno sound.
The label was initially called "Audio", and had its first release in April 1997.

It was managed by Chris Liebing until March 1999 at which point Michael Burkat took over and changed the name to "Fine Audio Recordings".

The label was kept under the roof of UCMG Germany until January 2003, after which Daredo took over and gave management to Manfred Pachl.

Records on Fine Audio Recordings
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 16 records
AUDIO 018 Arabmo Alenia 12"
AUDIO 020 Individual Works Marco Lenzi & Michael Burkat 12"
AUDIO 040 Hate EP Sven Dedek vs. Marco Polo 12"
AUDIO 041 Transformer EP Kwass 12"
AUDIO 044 Forty Four Patrik Skoog 12"
AUDIO 045 Impact EP Patrick DSP vs. Dj Pauze 12"
AUDIO 046 Passion & Warfare EP Basic Implant vs. MP-Nuts 12"
AUDIO 047 Ts Chronobios 12"
AUDIO 048 Museum Of Skulls The Divide 12"
AUDIO 049 More Pain EP Robert Natus 12"
AUDIO 050-6 Audio 50 Adam Jay / Dean Rodell / Kwass / The Anxious 12"
AUDIO 051 Action Space DJz 12"
AUDIO 052-6 Restart EP Lars Klein 12"
AUDIO 053-6 Somewhere in nowhere Robert Natus 12"
AUDIO 054 Schaakmat EP Bas Mooy 12"
AUDIO SP 04 Audio Special Edition 04 Michael Burkat & Lars Klein / Marco Lenzi 12"

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