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Fine Records

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Fine Records

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label profile: Fine Records

Fine Records is a Four Music sublabel dedicated to releasing the best in forward thinking dance music. Not tied to any particular genre.

Records on Fine Records
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 9 records
FOR 62031 Dance not Dance Cajuan 12"
FOR 88697017701 Raven Cajuan 12"
FOR 886970979511 Im Your Lover Plus George Levin Edit Wahoo feat. Basement Jaxx 12"
FOR 88697125321 Gogogo The Kiosk 12"
FOR 88697206971 CanĀ“t Stand Revlover 12"
FOR82876768131 Oh Yeah, Alright / Heady Melody One-Two 12"
FOR88697167331 Eyes Like Knives Franz & Shape 12"
FOR88697172951 Jurassico Nemesi 12"
FOR88697207251 The Call Up Far East Band feat. Martin Buttrich 12"

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