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For Pleasure Records

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For Pleasure Records


label profile: For Pleasure Records

For Pleasure records is a new independent label that aimed to search and to produce music of quality , trying to give space to the new talents. the name rapresent the spirit of the label and of its team, to produce music for the pure pleasure to make it.
The idea it's born by the initiative of Alessandro Verrina and Andrea Perini aka Anderplau, friends for a long time and from their decision to give life physically to the music in their's a pleasure!

Records on For Pleasure Records
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 5 records
FP01 For Pleasure 01 Alessandro Verrina & Ander Plau 12"
FP02 The World Is A Cyclone EP Quantec 12"
FP03 For Pleasure 03 Claudio Mate 12"
FP04 For Pleasure 04 Alessandro Verrina & Ander Plau 12"
FP05 White Stain EP Alessandro Verrina & Ander Plau 12"

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