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Furanum Records

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Furanum Records


label profile: Furanum Records

Dark/Industrial Techno Label founded by Dominik Müller. Coming from industrial region of Upper Silesia, based in Berlin

Records on Furanum Records
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 9 records
FU007 Liberation From Deadlock Dominik Muller 12"
FU009 Pain - Red with Black Vinyl - Uncto 12"
FU010 The Embodiment of Brute Propulsion - Black vinyl with white streaks Dominik Muller 12"
FU011 The Spurt of Blood Tomohiko Sagae 12"
FU012 Pain Remixes Uncto 2x12"
FU013 Form Of The Mind, Form Of The Man Mattias Engvall 12"
FU015 Unctuous [printed sleeve] Uncto 12"
FU016 White, Cold Skin Beuthen OS 12"
FU017 Black Leash Rafal Fürst 12"

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