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Greta Cottage

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Greta Cottage


CDs on Greta Cottage
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 3 CDs
GCW02LP Sleep Deep, Mountain King James Cook CD
GCW02LPCD Nothing Stays The Same - CD Paxton Fettel CD
GCWP04 Dragbacks On Dockweiler State Beach Inhmost CD
Records on Greta Cottage
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 13 records
GC240V01S Swayzak vs Greta Cottage Workshop Split E.P Serieculture / Out of Platos Cave 12"
GCW01LPV Everything Stays The Same Paxton Fettel 2x12"
GCW01V Loik Mudkid 12"
GCW02LPV Nothing Stays The Same Paxton Fettel 2x12"
GCW12V Foggy Silhouettes EP - Hand Stamped and Painted Each One Unique Arnheim 12"
GCW13V Karius Und Baktus / Prophet Mudkid 10"
GCW15V Lil' Bird EP Wasserfall 12"
GCW16V The Amber Season EP Arnaldo / Monoak 12"
GCW17V Clovelly EP Grimes Adhesif 12"
GCW18V Late Night Swing EP Duccio 12"
GCW19V The World Needs Changing RDMA 10"
GCW20V Eliptik / Generativ Laslo 10"
GCW21V Better Days EP Paxton Fettel 12"

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