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Hoga Nord Rekords

Hoga Nord Rekords (Sweden)


Records on Hoga Nord Rekords
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 40 records
HNR001 Bad Wisdom / Egypt Pistol Disco 7"
HNR002 They Worshipped Cats / Indus Waves Les Big Byrd 7"
HNR003 Duff 80 / Injected Robert Leiner 7"
HNR004 On Board / 1514 Tross 7"
HNR005 Small Town Illusion / Poison Butterfly Pete Bassman 7"
HNR006 Space Normal Speed / Seabass Lamagaia 7"
HNR007 Membrillo's Ride / Rugby The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane 7"
HNR008 Northern Acid / All-Nighter Dungeon Acid 7"
HNR009 Labyrint / Felix Culpa Karater 7"
HNR010 Din Con / Sama Kriget 7"
HNR011 Snake Eyes / Electrodes Osynlige Man 7"
HNR013 Goo / Pool Pistol Disco 7"
HNR015 The Cat Prowls Again / A Strange Servant Timothy J. Fairplay 7"
HNR016 Tunnel / New Pastoral Life Minami Deutsch 7"
HNR017 Impulse / Inversion Tentakel 7"
HNR018 The Dirty Beat / Cirklar Fatma 7"
HNR019 Telefuture / Blind Summit Jamie Paton 7"
HNR020 Usa/Usb Ultra Satan 7"
HNR021 Power To The People/Touch 2 Much Pardon Moi 7"
HNR022 Insecto / Cardboard Pope Max Von Sydow 7"
HNRLP001 16:11 Tross 12"
HNRLP002 Uran Uran 12"
HNRLP003 Melomania Robert Leiner LP
HNRLP005 Zodiak Versions Al Lover 2x12"
HNRLP006 Omikron Ved LP
HNRLP007 Lost In Space - transparent yellow vinyl album Pete Bassman LP
HNRLP008 Mental Health - white vinyl album SPR! LP
HNRLP009 Mythologen Mythologen LP
HNRLP010 Fontän Fontän LP
HNRLP011 Qualia - full album - NO UK sales Andrew Weatherall 2x12"
HNRPIC003 Spacerocks EP - picture disc Higamos Hogamos 12" P.DISC
HNRPIC004 Babylon EP - picture disc Fontän 12" P.DISC
HNRPIC005 The Walrus EP - picture disc Tross 12" P.DISC
HNRPIC006 Polar Star EP - picture disc Fontan 12" P.DISC
HNRPIC007 Nymphaea Caerulea EP Al Lover meets Cairo Liberation Front 12" P.DISC
HNRUK001 The Last Ride EP Dark Strands 12"
HNRUK002 Loving Hell EP Vox Low 12"
HNRUK003 World Numbination EP High Boys 12"
HNRUK004 Mindfighter EP Timothy J. Fairplay 12"
HNRUK005 The Convenanza Remixes Fontan 12"

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