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Hospital Records

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Hospital Records (United Kingdom)


CDs on Hospital Records
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 39 CDs
NHS 119CD Weapons Of Mass Creation - Volume 3 2xCD
NHS 122CD Bock Of Beyond Nu:Tone CD
NHS 139CD Supersized Danny Byrd CD
NHS 142CD Syncopated City London Elektricity CD
NHS 144CD Future Sound Of Cambridge 3 Commix Nu:Tone Logistics CD
NHS 147CD Hospital Mix 7 Danny Bird CD
NHS 148CD Drop Mistabishi CD
NHS 151CD High Contrast Confidential High Contrast 2xCD
NHS 154CD Sick Music 2xCD
NHS 156CD Crash Bang Wallop Logistics CD
NHS 158CD The Future Sound Of Russia CD
NHS 159CD Hospital Mix 8 CD
NHS 164CD Sick Music 2 2xCD
NHS 167CD Net Sky Netsky CD
NHS 171CD Hospital Acapellas CD
NHS176CD Rave Digger Danny Byrd CD
NHS178CD Spacejams Logistics CD
NHS182CD Hospitality - Drum & Bass 2011 CD
NHS184CD Words and Pictures Nu:Tone CD
NHS186CD Yikes! London Elektricity CD
NHS190CD Hospitality Festival Drum + Bass CD
NHS194CD Cross The Line Camo Krooked CD
NHS204CD The Agony & The Ecstasy High Contrast CD
NHS206CD Between The Lines Camo & Krooked CD
NHS209CD Fear Not Logistics CD
NHS212CD Hospitality Summer D+B 2012 Various Artists CD
NHS213CD 2 Netsky CD
NHS219CD What The Future Holds S.P.Y CD
NHS222CD Sick Music 3 Various Artists 2xCD
NHS224CD 2 Deluxe Edition Netsky 2xCD
NHS227CD Hospitality D&B 2013 Various CD
NHS231CD What I’ve Always Waited For Nu:Logic CD
NHS262CD Universal Language Metrik CD
NHS268CD Hospitality 2015 Various Artists 2xCD
NHS270CD Ricochet Reso CD
NHS271CD Fast Soul Music CD
NHS273CD I am Lynx Lynx CD
NHS275CD Hospital Mixtape: Fred V & Grafix Fred V & Grafix CD
NHS277CD Fast Jungle Music   2xCD
Records on Hospital Records
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 147 records
MEDIC49CD Flawless Electrosoul System 12"
MEDIC49LP Flawless Electrosoul System 12"
NHS 044 Global Love / Return Of Forever High Contrast 12"
NHS 055 Billion Dollar Gravy London Elektricity 12"
NHS 073 Twilights Last Gleaming / Made It Last Night High Contrast 12"
NHS 079 General Hospital / Happy Happy Joy Joy Syncopix 12"
NHS 081 Spacejam EP Logistics 2x12"
NHS 086 The Trip / Quite Perfect Various Artists 12"
NHS 087 Seven Years Remix / Stay Strong Nu:Tone 12"
NHS 090 When The Lights Go Down / Magic High Contrast 12"
NHS 098 The Future Sound of Budapest Various Artists 2x12"
NHS 099 Travellin' Man Syncopix 12"
NHS 100 HOSPITALISED Various Artists High Contrast 2x12"
NHS 102 Flashback / Can't Let Go Cyantific 12"
NHS 104 Blackout / Bounce Logistics 12"
NHS 105 Computer Love EP Q Project 2x12"
NHS 106 The Future Sound Of Cambridge 2 Various Production 2x12"
NHS 108 Ghetto Blaster Remix / Coming Unstuck Cyantific 12"
NHS 109 Dog Hill / Fresh 89 Danny Bird 12"
NHS 111 Now More Than Ever LP Sampler - Part 1 Logistics 12"
NHS 111S Now More Than Ever LP Sampler - Part 2 Logistics 12"
NHS 113 The Things That Lovers Do / Missing Link Nu:Tone 12"
NHS 114 City Life EP Logistics 2x12"
NHS 116 Everything's Different / Green Screen High Contrast 12"
NHS 117 Future Sound Of Tokyo EP Various Artists 2x12"
NHS 118 Weapons Of Mass Creation 3 Sampler Various Artists 12"
NHS 119 Weapons Of Mass Creation - Volume 3 Various Artists 3x12"
NHS 119X Weapons Of Mass Creation - Volume 3 Various Artists 3x12"
NHS 120 Beliefs / Beatnik Nu:Tone 12"
NHS 120G Beliefs / Beatnik Nu:Tone 12"
NHS 121 Forgotten Souls / The Great Drum & Bass Swindle Bungle & Index / London Elektricity 12"
NHS 122 Back Of Beyond Nu:Tone 3x12"
NHS 123 If We Ever / Pink Flaming High Contrast 12"
NHS 124 Mermaids / Waves Breaking Hospital 12"
NHS 125 In A Gadda Da Vida / Forever And A Day High Contrast 12"
NHS 125PD In A Gadda Da Vida / Everything's Different High Contrast 12" P.DISC
NHS 126CD Tough Guys Don't Dance High Contrast 3x12"
NHS 126LP Tough Guys Don't Dance High Contrast 3x12"
NHS 126LPX Tough Guys Don't Dance High Contrast 3x12"
NHS 127 System Nu:Tone 12"
NHS 128 Wide Lens EP Logistics 2x12"
NHS 129 Disconnected / Serpent Cyantific 12"
NHS 130 No Matter What / Lowlifes Theme Mistabishi 12"
NHS 132 Shock Out / Labyrinth Danny Byrd 12"
NHS 133 Friendly Fire EP Various Artists 2x12"
NHS 135 Reality Checkpoint Part 1 Logistics 2x12"
NHS 136 Reality Checkpoint Part 2 Logistics 2x12"
NHS 137 She Lied / Falling In Love Mistabishi 12"
NHS 138 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang / Nobody Gets Out Of Here Alive High Contrast 12"
NHS 139 Supersized EP Danny Byrd 2x12"
NHS 140 Attack Ships On Fire / Southeastern Dream London Elektricity 12"
NHS 141 From Bath With Love / Shock Out VIP Danny Byrd 12"
NHS 142 Syncopated City London Elektricity 2x12"
NHS 142LPX Syncopated City London Elektricity 4x12"
NHS 143 Greed / Lean Mistabishi 12"
NHS 144 The Future Sound Of Cambridge 3 Commix & Nu:Tone & Logistics 3x12"
NHS 145 Credit Crunch / Just 3 Things Q Project 12"
NHS 148 Drop Mistabishi 2x12"
NHS 149 Jungle Music / Toytown Logistics 12"
NHS 150 Basement Track Remixes High Contrast 12"
NHS 152 Printer Jam / White Collar Grime Mistabishi 12"
NHS 153 Sick Music Sampler 1 Various Artists 12"
NHS 154LP Sick Music Various Artists 4x12"
NHS 155 Sick Music Sampler 2 Various Artists 12"
NHS 156LP Crash Bang Wallop Logistics 4x12"
NHS 157 From Memory Remix / LOL Mistabishi 12"
NHS 158 The Future Sound Of Russia Various Artists 2x12"
NHS 160 Sweet Harmony Danny Byrd feat. Liquid 12"
NHS 161 Piano Anthem / In The Vortex Sonic 12"
NHS 162 Full Circle/Skyline Blokhe4d 12"
NHS 163 Sick Music 2 Sampler 1 Camo & Krooked / Netsky 12"
NHS 164LP Sick Music 2 Various Artists 4x12"
NHS 165 Hyper Hyper / Set Me Free Nu:Tone 12"
NHS 166 Warehouse / LN2 Various Artists 12"
NHS 167LP Net Sky Netsky 4x12"
NHS 168 Reincarnation / Climax Camo & Krooked 12"
NHS 170 Beautiful Lies VIP / Little Oranges B Complex 12"
NHS 172 Moving With You / Pirate Bay Netsky 12"
NHS 174 The System Is A Remix New Zealand Shapeshifter 2x12"
NHS 175 Ill Behaviour / Moonwalker Danny Byrd 12"
NHS 177 We Can Have It All / Planet Earth Danny Byrd 12"
NHS176LP Rave Digger Danny Byrd 2x12"
NHS179 'New Technique' EP Nu:Logic 2x12"
NHS180 Tonight / Judgement Day VIP Danny Byrd feat. Netsky 12"
NHS181 Hospitality - Drum & Bass 2011 Various Artists 12"
NHS183 Shine In / Bleeper Nu:Tone 12"
NHS184 Words And Pictures Nu:Tone 2x12"
NHS185 Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm / The Plan That Cannot Fail London Elektricity 12"
NHS186LP Yikes! London Elektricity 4x12"
NHS187 All Fall Down / Breezeblock Camo & Krooked 12"
NHS188 Meteorites remixes London Elektricity 12"
NHS189 Hospitality Festival Drum + Bass S.P.Y & Muffler / D*Minds & N3GUS 12"
NHS191 Yikes! Remixes!! London Elektricity 2x12"
NHS194 Cross The Line Camo & Krooked 2x12"
NHS195 The First Note Is Silent’ / Fearful Symmetry High Contrast 12"
NHS197 15 Years Of Hospital Records Various Artists 12"
NHS198 15 Years Of Hospital Records Various Artists 12"
NHS202CD Hospitality Drum + Bass 2012 Various Artists 12"
NHS203 The Agony & The Ecstasy / Father, Can’t You See I’m Burning? High Contrast 12"
NHS204LP The Agony & The Ecstasy High Contrast 4x12"
NHS205 We Are One / Timelapse Logistics 12"
NHS207 Cryptkeeper -Mind Vortex Remix- / ’Anubis -Inside Info Remix- Camo & Krooked 12"
NHS209LP Fear Not Logistics 4x12"
NHS210EP Love & Hate EP S.P.Y 2x12"
NHS211T Come Alive Netsky 12"
NHS213LP 2 Netsky 4x12"
NHS214T Love Has Gone Netsky 12"
NHS215T Future Tense feat. Jo-s / Roll The Dice S.P.Y 12"
NHS218T Blaze The Fire Danny Byrd feat. General Levy 12"
NHS219LP What The Future Holds S.P.Y 4x12"
NHS220S Blaze The Fire / Dove From Above (feat Danny Byrd / Raiden 12"
NHS221T Major Happy / Rollerball Fred V & Grafix / Lung 12"
NHS222LP Sick Music 3 Various 4x12"
NHS226T Grit / Love You Like This Danny Byrd 12"
NHS228T Spectrum Analyser / Some Things Never Change High Contrast 12"
NHS229T Morning Light / Grizzly Nu:Logic 12"
NHS230 Goggles Fred V & Grafix 12"
NHS231LP What I’ve Always Waited For Nu:Logic 4x12"
NHS232T Metrik Metrik 12"
NHS247 Recognise Fred V & Grafix 12"
NHS248EP Pulse Code Reso 2x10"
NHS249LP Recognise Fred V & Grafix 2x12"
NHS258LP Polyphony Logistics 2x12"
NHS259 Running Netsky 12"
NHS260EP Back To Basics - Chapter Two S.P.Y 2x12"
NHS261T Human Again / Slipstream Metrik 12"
NHS262LP Universal Language Metrik 2x12"
NHS263T Xylo / Irregular Krakota 12"
NHS264T Unrecognisable Fred V & Grafix 12"
NHS265LP Future History + CD Nu:Tone 2x12"
NHS266T Where Are You? EP Lynx 12"
NHS269T Ice Hands / Ghosts Krakota 12"
NHS270LP Ricochet Reso 2x12"
NHS272T Neon Nights Urbandawn 12"
NHS278EP Citadels Krakota 12"
NHSCS 001 Taking Over Me / Your Love Various Artists 12"
NHSCS 002 Let It Go / Flip Flop Total Science 12"
NHSCS 003 Song In The Key Of Knife / Pull The Plug London Elektricity 12"
NHSCS 004 Suddenly / What's The Story High Contrast 12"
NHSCS 005 My Dreams London Elektricity 12"
NHSCS 006 Laughing Gas / Its Not Over Dagga / Landslide 12"
NHSCS 007 Round The Corner / Wishing Well Remixes London Elektricity 12"
NHSCS 008 Changes / Do It Again Danny Byrd 12"
NHSLP 095 Power Ballads London Elektricity 3x12"
NHSLP 103 Ghetto Blaster Cyantific 3x12"
NHSLP 110 Renaissance Man Q Project 3x12"
NHSLP 112 Now More Than Ever Logistics 4x12"

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