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International Deejay Gigolos

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International Deejay Gigolos


label profile: International Deejay Gigolos

International Deejay Gigolos Records is the Munich based record label ran by techno legend DJ Hell. Started in 1996 as an affiliate of Disko B, Gigolo quickly established itself as THE definitive cult label, a label where you could find everyone from Jeff Mills to downtempo electro....where every release was unified by Hell's personal taste and the highest standards.

Over the years this has become the 'Gigolo' sound, an open and adventurous musical style that laughs in the face of convention, fusing raw acid-house with electro, nu-wave and synth-pop.

Long before the electro-revival and vocoded pop songs, Gigolo was pioneering the way with a roster that includes techno icons Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills and DJ Hell; David Carretta, Miss Kittin & The Hacker, DJ Naughty, The Advent, Dopplereffekt, Terrence Fixmer, Japanese Telecom and new signings like Fischerspooner, Tiga & Zyntherius, Savas Pascalidis and Vitalic.

To celebrate the 100th release on International Deejay Gigolo Records, catalog# GIGOLO 100 was only released as ladies underwear made by Agent Provocateu, limited to 500 pieces.

Gigolo moved to Berlin...

CDs on International Deejay Gigolos
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 21 CDs
GIGOLO 042CD Art Of Misdirection Valium CD
GIGOLO 050CD The Great Gigolo Swindle Various CD
GIGOLO 095CD Galactic Gigolo Savas Pascalidis CD
GIGOLO 113CD The First Fat Truckers Album Is For Sale Fat Truckers CD
GIGOLO 115CD The Man Of The Future Chris Korda CD
GIGOLO 116 Afro Finger And Gel MU CD
GIGOLO 125CD Organized Confuzion The Dirty Criminals CD
GIGOLO 143CD Disko Vietnam Savas Pascalidis CD
GIGOLO 150CD Freak Show - The Real Gigolo History Movie Various CD
GIGOLO 152CD Pleasure & Romance XLOVER CD
GIGOLO 154CD Cryptic And Dire Sallow Faced Hoods Blast Off Into Oblivion Crossover CD
GIGOLO 155CD Kill Your Radio David Carretta CD
GIGOLO 160CD International DeeJay Gigolos CD Eight Various CD
GIGOLO 172CD Silence Control Terence Fixmer CD
GIGOLO 190CD Fieber Oliver Huntemann CD
GIGOLO 192CD Collision Between Us And The Damned Traxx The Dirty Criminals CD
GIGOLO 206CD American Gigolo III Princess Superstar CD
GIGOLO 210CD International DeeJay Gigolos CD Ten Various CD
GIGOLO 238 CD Eleven 2xCD
GIGOLO 250CD Teufelswerk DJ Hell 2xCD
GIGOLO 252CD House Music Kikumotoallstars CD
DJ-equipment from International Deejay Gigolos
article# product name format
Total: 1 Product
SLM GIGOLO We Are Gigolo Slipmat
Records on International Deejay Gigolos
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 120 records
GIGOLO 008 I'm A Disco Dancer Remixed Christopher Just 12"
GIGOLO 031 Rock My Body To The Beat Hell & Richard Bartz 12"
GIGOLO 035LP Le Catalogue Electronique David Carretta 2x12"
GIGOLO 036 Planetary Deterioration Ozone Layer 12"
GIGOLO 042LP Art Of Misdirection DJ Valium 2x12"
GIGOLO 052 L' EP Magique Plastique De Rêve 12"
GIGOLO 061 Emerge Fischerspooner 12"
GIGOLO 069 Poney EP Vitalic 12"
GIGOLO 077 Atomic EP Mick Wills 12"
GIGOLO 083 Non Stop EP Romina Cohn 12"
GIGOLO 089 White Buffalo EP Scott Ferguson 12"
GIGOLO 095 Galactic Gigolo Savas Pascalidis 2x12"
GIGOLO 096 Hooked On Radiation Atomizer 12"
GIGOLO 098 Face To Face The Twins 12"
GIGOLO 103 L.A. Song / Sweetness Fischerspooner 12"
GIGOLO 104 Stock Exchange Miss Kittin & The Hacker 12"
GIGOLO 106LP New Deutsch Various 2x12"
GIGOLO 109 Notahit Yesandno 12"
GIGOLO 111 The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight Dominatrix 12"
GIGOLO 112 Metal EP Mick Wills 12"
GIGOLO 114 Fear Is Real / Hips For Scotland Psychonauts 12"
GIGOLO 115 The Man Of The Future Chris Korda 12"
GIGOLO 117 Macho Boy Adriano Canzian 12"
GIGOLO 118 Blah Blah Blah The Invisibles, 12"
GIGOLO 122 Keep on Waiting Hell 12"
GIGOLO 124 Listen To The Hiss Hell 2x12"
GIGOLO 124B Listen To The Hiss Hell Alan Vega 12"
GIGOLO 125LP Organized Confuzion The Dirty Criminals 2x12"
GIGOLO 126 Animal Trap Crack (We Are Rock) 12"
GIGOLO 127 Cerveaux Sans Âmes / Peplum Terence Fixmer 12"
GIGOLO 128 A Day At The Races Steril 12"
GIGOLO 131 Midnight Man Richard Bartz 2x12"
GIGOLO 132 My Boyfriend Is Very Sexy Adriano Canzian 12"
GIGOLO 133 Tell Me More Kim Peers 12"
GIGOLO 135 No Yellow Lines / Restless Mount Sims 12"
GIGOLO 135LP No Yellow Lines / Restless Mount Sims 12"
GIGOLO 139LP Wild Light Mount Sims 2x12"
GIGOLO 142 La La Land Play Paul 12"
GIGOLO 143LP Disko Vietnam Savas Pascalidis 2x12"
GIGOLO 145 Lovely Toy David Carretta 12"
GIGOLO 146 Will You Special P.O.D. 12"
GIGOLO 147 Jack the Box EP Kiko 12"
GIGOLO 148 Presents My Definition Of House Part 1 DJ Hell 12"
GIGOLO 149 So Blue XLOVER 12"
GIGOLO 152LP Pleasure & Romance XLOVER 2x12"
GIGOLO 154 Cryptic And Dire Sallow Faced Hoods Blast Off Into Oblivion Crossover 12"
GIGOLO 155 Kill Radio David Carretta 2x12"
GIGOLO 157 Glowing In The Dark Experimental Products 12"
GIGOLO 158LP Pornography Adriano Canzian 2x12"
GIGOLO 162 War Of The Nations Mick Wills 12"
GIGOLO 163 We need a War Fischerspooner 12"
GIGOLO 164 Good Sluts Factory Kiko & Gino's 12"
GIGOLO 165 Blackout EP Martin Matiske 12"
GIGOLO 167 Lovesucker XLOVER 12"
GIGOLO 168 Tragic Picture Show Hell 7"
GIGOLO 171 1982 Miss Kittin & The Hacker 12"
GIGOLO 173 Wuxia Sebastien San 12"
GIGOLO 174 Angels' Unknown Fears E.P. The Model 12"
GIGOLO 177 Jack U vs. I'll House You Diddy vs. Felix Da Housecat 12"
GIGOLO 179 I Swear Terence Fixmer 12"
GIGOLO 183 Constellation Mixes -=UHU=- 12"
GIGOLO 185 Black E.P. Bodzin & Huntemann 12"
GIGOLO 186 Definition of House DJ Hell 12"
GIGOLO 187 Eye Wanna C U G. Rizo 12"
GIGOLO 188 Teen Years Digiteria 12"
GIGOLO 189 Silence Control a Terence Fixmer 12"
GIGOLO 191 Fun Boy 3 DJ Hell 12"
GIGOLO 192 Collision Between Us And The Damned Traxx The Dirty Criminals 2x12"
GIGOLO 192LP Collision Between Us And The Damned The Dirty Criminals 2x12"
GIGOLO 194 Dis Era / Mira Masstyk 12"
GIGOLO 195 softcurls activator EP Activator 12"
GIGOLO 196 Saved in dadaland Dibada 12"
GIGOLO 197LP Beams The Presets 2x12"
GIGOLO 198 Are you the One The Presets 12"
GIGOLO 199LP Duel Sebastien San 2x12"
GIGOLO 201 Dominator Human Resource 12"
GIGOLO 202 DMX Kevin Gorman 12"
GIGOLO 205 Jack your ass Rok & Mijk 12"
GIGOLO 207 Body jackin Jesse Rose 12"
GIGOLO 208 just like another bad film Herman Schwartz 12"
GIGOLO 213 Phobia Phobia 12"
GIGOLO 214 Horse with no name Seelenluft 12"
GIGOLO 214LTD Horse With No Name Seelenluft 12"
GIGOLO 215 Following conditions Abe Duque 12"
GIGOLO 216 in your face is the place Dibaba 12"
GIGOLO 228 Rayn Marascia 12"
GIGOLO 231 The Disaster DJ Hell 12"
GIGOLO 235 The Angst DJ Hell 12"
GIGOLO 236 Hell's Kitchen DJ Hell 12"
GIGOLO 239 CD Eleven – Twelve Actor One / Herman Schwartz 12"
GIGOLO 242 Tripsoul / Legends Lenoir & Meriton 12"
GIGOLO 243 Berghain Snuff Crew 12"
GIGOLO 244 House Music Kikumotoallstars 12"
GIGOLO 245 Visions Ltd Peter Kruder 12"
GIGOLO 246 Lose You - Hell Remix Peaches 12"
GIGOLO 247 Hot Chocolate In The Milky Way Anthony Rother 12"
GIGOLO 248 Express Captain Commodore 12"
GIGOLO 249 Hot Ivano Coppola & Christian Prommer 12"
GIGOLO 250 Teufelswerk DJ Hell 3x12"
GIGOLO 251 Die Nacht Ist Kuhl Mugwump 12"
GIGOLO 252LP House Music Kikumotoallstars 12"
GIGOLO 253 Marrakesh Makossa & Megablast 12"
GIGOLO 255LP The DJ DJ Hell feat. P. Diddy 12"
GIGOLO 255T The DJ 12:1 DJ Hell feat. P. Diddy 12"
GIGOLO 255T2 The DJ 12:2 DJ Hell feat. P. Diddy 12"
GIGOLO 256 Chinese Whispers Sei A 12"
GIGOLO 257 Vampire Funk EP The Model 12"
GIGOLO 259 Hard To Find Peter Kruder 12"
GIGOLO 261 Liron EP Skwerl 12"
GIGOLO 262 Hasta El Fin Oliver Ton 12"
GIGOLO 264 More Fun Snuff Crew 12"
GIGOLO 265 Earth Quake Hard Ton 12"
GIGOLO 266 Take Control Psychonauts feat. Sam Lynham 12"
GIGOLO 269 CD Twelve Sampler 1 of 2 Various Artists 12"
GIGOLO 271 CD Sampler 2 of 2 Various Artists 12"
GIGOLO 272 Best I Can Do Skwerl 12"
GIGOLO 273 Feed The Horse Fagget Fairys 12"
GIGOLO XXX The Disaster DJ Hell 12"
GIGOLO260T3 U Can Dance 3/3 DJ Hell feat. Bryan Ferry 12"
GIGOLOPACK 001 Gigolo 103 / 164 / 172 Various Artists 3x12"

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