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Karton Music Group

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Karton Music Group


label profile: Karton Music Group

In the month June of 2011, Karton saw it’s gaily arise and nestled itself in the prism of deep electronic music people nowadays know as Deep House, Tech House and other minimalistic still unknown sub-genres.

Records on Karton Music Group
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 9 records
KRTNV001 KRTNV 001 Various Artists 12"
KRTNV001RP KRTNV 001 Various Artists 12"
KRTNV002 KRTNV 002 Various Artists 12"
KRTNV002RP KRTNV 002 Various Artists 12"
KRTNV003 KRTNV 003 Various Artists 12"
KRTNV004 KRTNV 004 Various Artists 12"
KRTNV005 KRTNV005 Various Artists 12"
KRTNV006 Fonto EP Pelle & Roon 12"
KRTNV007 Languagy EP - 180grams vinyl Pandilla LTD 12"

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