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Leftroom Records

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Leftroom Records


label profile: Leftroom Records

Born in August of 2005 in Nottingham, England, Leftroom is the creation of Matt Tolfrey (Owner). Musically, it will be one of the first labels of its kind in the UK, showcasing the off centre house and minimal techno sound which is sweeping its way though clubland.
The first release surfaced on the 5th of December 2005 and featured tracks by Pheek, Ali Khan, Luka & Lazo and MarcAshken. With some established artists lined up for remixes, and more tracks hidden away in the office, Leftroom looks to be an exciting addition to the forward thinking music scene that continually inspires us.

April 2006 saw the launch of Leftroom's sublabel, Leftroom Limited. Musically it brought a new dimension to Leftroom as a whole, concentrating on anything that wobbles from straight up house, to techno and even the uplifting.

Records on Leftroom Records
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 12 records
LEFT 018 Mujeres EP Giuseppe Cennammo 12"
LEFTLP 001S Don't be leftout sampler 1 Various 12"
LEFTLP 002S Don't be leftout sampler 2 Various 12"
LEFTLTD 012 Down Seq EP Rocha & Lewinger 12"
LEFTROOM 003 With a C EP Marc Ashken 12"
LEFTROOM 004 Reaction Timing EP Szenario 12"
LEFTROOM 007 Eloquent milk EP [A]pendics.shuffle 12"
LEFTROOM 010 Skream Remixes Mark Ashken 12"
LEFTROOM 011 washed out ep Alexi Delano & Xpansul 12"
LEFTROOM 012 Exszenaration EP Szenzario 12"
LEFTROOM 015 Elephant Skin Glimpse 12"
LEFTROOM 016 The Trouble J-Mode 12"

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