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Mental Torments Records

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Mental Torments Records


label profile: Mental Torments Records

Mental Torments Records has been found by Dutch labelowner & artist Mike Drama, who is a well known character nowadays in the (hard)techno scene!

Bringing you the best (hard)techno that will put holes in your speaker similar to the impact of a 500 ton meteorite! And guarantee dancefloors shaking beats like earthquakes that Mother Nature even can' t handle!

So…. for all those who cannot sleep at night.., who can only survive by injecting dangerous drums into their system on a weekly basis – Mental Torments will be your saviour!

Merchandise Mental Torments Records
catalog# title format
Total: 4 products
MTR SHIRT L BLACK Mental Torments Shirt L Black T-Shirt
MTR SHIRT M BLACK Mental Torments Shirt M Black T-Shirt
MTR SHIRT S BLACK Mental Torments Shirt S Black T-Shirt
MTR SHIRT XXL BLACK Mental Torments Shirt XXL Black T-Shirt
Records on Mental Torments Records
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 12 records
MTR 001 Sick Tricks EP Mike Drama / Hardtrax / Leo Laker 12"
MTR 002 What's wrong EP Various Artists 12"
MTR 003 Chickenwing EP 3headzahead / DJ Ogi / Lexis / Dariush Gee 12"
MTR 004 Dirty Minds EP Various Artists 12"
MTR 005 We are your teen-age EP Albert Kraner & Svetec 12"
MTR 006 Always Forward EP Various Artists 12"
MTR 007 Semper Fi 3headzahead / Dj Bold / Albert Kraner / Formula G 12"
MTR 008 New Chicks On The Cock EP Various Artists 12"
MTR 009 Exactly What You Need O.B.I. / DJ Ogi / Marcio M. / DJ Emme 12"
MTR010 Basic Rules For Serial Killaz O.B.I. 12"
MTR011 Plastic Fantastic EP Various Artists 12"
MTR012 Fight 4 Hard Techno Various Artists 12"

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