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Nutempo Records

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Nutempo Records


label profile: Nutempo Records

Nutempo records is a new label born thanks to Adriano Giliberti's idea to produce some high quality music. The new rhythm he is searching for is a fusion between new minimaltendencies and the tendencies of the legendary 90's in order to create anew style. This is where the name Nutempo comes from, a mix re of these twostyles to create a new rhythm. The main concept is that to produce non mainstream minimal techno but to vary from minimal techno to industrialtribal to deep techno and psychedelic. Nutempo's sound is raw and aggressivetrying to be as direct as possible by basing itself on an intelligent mental groove.The idea is to create something new with many influences, lots a decibels and mostly high quality.

Nutempo's focal point is the whole Berlin scene going from Marcel Dettmann to Marcel Fengler to Ben Klock. 2 tempo elevating hit hats, this is the nu roman techno.

Records on Nutempo Records
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Total: 2 records
NUTEMPO001 Last Train To EP Mike Wall & Ixel 12"
NUTEMPO002 Dreeschkind EP Coeter One 12"

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