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Orion Muzik

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Orion Muzik


label profile: Orion Muzik

Orion Muzik is Danilo Vigorito's second own label, born to give the right echo and identity to an utterly personal musical style.
Not only does orion represent popular artists such as the Advent, Gaetano Parisio, Rino Cerrone, Paco Osuna and Davide Squillace, but Danilo's personal releases earn him the reputation of a new phenomenon on the electronic scene, identifying him with elaborated and refined production techniques more typical of a live set.

Records on Orion Muzik
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 8 records
DVEP001 ORION020 vs ISIS01 - 2 for the price of 1 Danilo Vigorito 2x12"
ORION 004 La Familia EP Danilo Vigorito / Paco Osuna 12"
ORION 005 Massive Storm Danilo Vigorito vs. Davide Squillace 12"
ORION 006 Pumpin Danilo Vigorito 12"
ORION 007 Material EP Danilo Vigorito 12"
ORION 009 Contact EP Danilo Vigorito vs. Dejan Milicevic 12"
ORION 011-6 Cyberdog Danilo Vigorito 12"
ORION020 The Nocturne Danilo Vigorito 12"

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