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Paradise Lost

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Paradise Lost


label profile: Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost was founded in 2008 in order to push forward the sound favored by labelheads The SubDivision, that being darker, intricate and often melodic tracks based incorporating heavy bass into the mix. PL attempts not to release throw-away tracks that pander simply to the sound of the month. Anything is possible on this label, just as long as the production is top notch and the sound is not tired or without emotion. Paradise Lost is headquartered in Paradise, better known as Hawaii. We are the Pacific’s finest purveyors of deep and epic bass music for the discerning listener (and clubber!)

Records on Paradise Lost
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 15 records
PL 001 Feelin Love / Pensierie Morbidi The Subdivision 12"
PL 002 Harkonnen / Vampire / Fever Wedge 12"
PL 006 Hypothermic EP Excision vs. The Subdivision 12"
PL 009 Interpretazioni EP The Subdivision 12"
PL 010 Dubtek EP Dubtek 12"
PL012 Open Your Eyes EP The Subdivision / 501 / HLZ 12"
PL014 We Are Lost EP Vesicle 12"
PL016 Future Unknown TKR 12"
PL020 Survival EP Chewie 12"
PL026 Colder Now EP - WHITE vinyl Boot 12"
PL028 Inconvenient Truth EP - RED MARBLED VINYL Vesicle 12"
PL030 Tsar Bomba EP - download codes for 7 track EP and color vinyl, limited art print Bisweed 12"
PL038 Steampunk Vol. 2 - Coloured vinyl + Download codes Bisweed 12"
PLOST001 The Gates of Charon - Original Soundtrack [180 gr / Coloured Vinyl / Gatefold] Various Artists 2x12"
PLOST002 Sonder LP [custom sleeve / 180grams / white & black mixed Vinyl / DL codes] DYL 12"

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