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Reverse Recordings

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Reverse Recordings

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label profile: Reverse Recordings

The most dynamic Croatian duo Miche & Mirzinho are back with their latest project; Reverse Recordings!

The vision is to create a techno record label which will be established in the international dance music industry by mixing up good old hardgroove, funky and tribal techno spiced up with new trends of the techno scene.
The aim and goal is to release quality, dance floor based and fresh sounding music with some retro spices that will surely find its way to appeal to djs and clubbers alike.
Selected music will be a mix and match of melodies, funky beats and fat bass lines always energetic and groovy, suitable to hit any dance floor worldwide.
Labels main format would be vinyl but in the light of current scene and technology there is a sub-label that releases only in digital format as Reverse DIGI, offering a chance to new and upcoming names to prove their worth and step in to the light for a chance and possible vinyl release.
We believe that the future of electronic music is in the hands of new, young upcoming producers, but also we know that sheer talent is not the only ingredient that is required for success.
Wisdom and recognition comes with age, so the basic plan is to mix up youth with age and experience. In that light, label would promote younger upcoming producers by combining their work with the current “top of the pops” of techno scene.

Label infos:
A&R for the label is done by Miche & Mirzinho (Mirsad & Mirzet Murtic).
General info & licensing:
Art work design by Aleksandar Petkovic.
Worldwide vinyl & digital distribution by TripleVision

Records on Reverse Recordings
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Total: 1 records
REVERSE 001 Reversed Momentum EP Miche & Mirzinho 12"

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