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Shift LTD

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Shift LTD (Italy)


Records on Shift LTD
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 7 records
SHIFTLTD001 Make Me Feel EP - Green marbeled vinyl Nasty Boy 12"
SHIFTLTD002 Dramage EP Fabio Della Torre 12"
SHIFTLTD003 Basement Traxx Vol.I Various Artists 12"
SHIFTLTD005 Basement Traxx Vol.II Various Artists 12"
SHIFTLTD006 Trance Wave 2 [2016 DMM Remastered] MBG 12"
SHIFTLTD007 The Grunge EP [DNArt Edits] Underground Ghosts 12"
SHIFTLTD008 Feel The Rhythm EP [Simoncino Red Zone Dub Mix] DJ GLC 12"

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