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Shogun Audio

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Shogun Audio


label profile: Shogun Audio

DJ Friction & Frenzic's new label.

CDs on Shogun Audio
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 10 CDs
SHACD 001 Next Level 2 Friction 2xCD
SHACD 002 Assassin Volume 1 Friction 2xCD
SHACD 003 1984 Alix Perez CD
SHACD004 Under The Ice Icicle CD
SHACD005 The Way Of The Warrior CD Various Artists CD
SHACD006 Delay No More Spectrasoul CD
SHACD010 Entropy LP Icicle CD
SHACD011 10 Years of Shogun Audio Various Artists 3CD
SHACD012 The Misstress Spectrasoul CD
SHACD013 Point Of Origin Vol.1 CD
Records on Shogun Audio
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 14 records
SGN042 Need You - On My Mind Liz-E 12"
SHA 002 Let Loose / Bad Move Militia 12"
SHA 027 Down The Line / Stray Remixes Alix Perez 12"
SHA049 Shogun Audio Presents - Way Of The Warrior EP 2 Various Artists 2x12"
SHABXS011 10 Years of Shogun Audio Various Artists 10"
SHABXSLP01 Duality / Exile Icicle & Prolix / Fourward 10"
SHABXSLP02 Forsaken ft. Peven Everett & SpectraSoul / Aztec (Calyx & Teebee Alix Perez / Spor 10"
SHABXSLP03 Katana / Light In The Dark Ft. Terri Walker Joe Ford & Fourward / Spectrasoul 10"
SHABXSLP04 Chimera / Lost Along The Way ft. D.Ablo Friction Technimatic 10"
SHABXSLP05 Ben / Play Some Normal Music Spectrasoul / Rockwell 10"
SHABXSLP06 XLRS / Dark Days ft. Foreign Beggars LSB / Alix Perez 10"
SHASHIRT BLACK Shogun Audio Black T-Shirt 12"
SHASHIRT GREY Shogun Audio Grey T-Shirt 12"
SHASHIRT WHITE Shogun Audio White T-Shirt 12"

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