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CDs on Signature
catalog# cd title artists format
Total: 13 CDs
SIGCD 002 Shelflife Calibre 2xCD
SIGCD 003 Overflow Calibre 2xCD
SIGCD 004 Shelflife 2 Calibre 2xCD
SIGCD 005 Shine A Light Dominick Martin CD
SIGCD008 Valentia Dominick Martin CD
SIGCD009 Spill Calibre CD
SIGCD010 Shelflife 3 Calibre CD
SIGCD011 Shelflife 4 Calibre CD
SIGCD012 The Deep - Territorial restrictions Calibre CD
SIGCD013 Shelflife 5 - Benelux + USA sales only Calibre CD
SIGCD014 Planet Hearth [Benelux + USA sales only] Calibre CD
SIGCD015 Shelflife 6 [full colour digipack] - NO RESTRICTIONS Calibre CD
SIGCD016 Feeling Normal [full colour digipak] Calibre CD
Records on Signature
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 53 records
SIG 001 Peso / My Chances Calibre 12"
SIG 008 Light Night Squeeze EP Calibre 12"
SIG 009 Corner Dance EP Calibre 2x12"
SIG 011 Waterfall / What I Feel Calibre & Zero Tolerance feat. Merci 12"
SIG 012 Hustlin / Movin Calibre feat. DRS 12"
SIG 013 Roundhouse EP Calibre 2x12"
SIG 014 Dont Mind EP Calibre 2x12"
SIG 016 Steptoe Calibre 12"
SIG002RP Makes Me Wonder / Got To Have You [2019 remastered version] Calibre 12"
SIG005RP Mr. Maverick / Highlander Calibre 12"
SIG006RP Drop It Down [vinyl only] Calibre 12"
SIG007RP Mr. Majestic Calibre & High Contrast 12"
SIG010RP Carry Me Away / Mr Right On [2019 remastered verison] Calibre 12"
SIG015RP Let Me Hold You / Love's Too Tight To Mention [2019 remastered version] Calibre 12"
SIG017 Foreign Bodies / Ugly Duckling Calibre 12"
SIG017RP Foreign Bodies / Ugly Duckling [Regular sleeve repress] Calibre 12"
SIG018 Temple Step / Simple Emotion Calibre 12"
SIG019 Start Again VIP Calibre 12"
SIG019RP Start Again VIP Calibre feat. Chimpo 12"
SIG020 Run Away / Somethin Heavy Calibre & Marcus Intalex feat. Fox 12"
SIG020RP Run Away / Somethin Heavy Calibre & Marcus Intalex feat. Fox 12"
SIG021 Iron Balls Calibre 12"
SIG022 Sunrise Calibre & DRS 12"
SIG023 Falls To You Calibre 12"
SIG024 Taciturn Calibre 12"
SIG024RP Taciturn [generic sleeve repress] Calibre 12"
SIG026 Whitehorses / Living For Calibre & DRS 12"
SIG027 Falls To You VIP / End Of Meaning Calibre 12"
SIG028 Bad & Badder [full colour sleeve] Calibre & DRS vs. Mark Ernestus 12"
SIGLP 002 Shelf Life LP Calibre 4x12"
SIGLP 003 Overflow LP Calibre 5x12"
SIGLP 004 Shelflife 2 Calibre 4x12"
SIGLP 005 Shine A Light Dominick Martin 12"
SIGLP001RP Second Sun Remastered [full colour sleeve / incl. dl code] Calibre 4x12"
SIGLP005 Shine A Light [full colour sleeve] Dominick Martin 12"
SIGLP006 Even If Calibre 3x12"
SIGLP006RP Even If [2020 repress] incl Download Codes Calibre 3x12"
SIGLP007 Condition + CD Calibre 3x12"
SIGLP007RP Condition [download card included] Calibre 3x12"
SIGLP008 Valentia Dominick Martin 12"
SIGLP009 Spill Calibre 12"
SIGLP010 Shelflife 3 Calibre 3x12"
SIGLP010RP Shelflife 3 [download card included] Calibre 3x12"
SIGLP011 Shelflife 4 - Includes download card for Full Album Calibre 4x12"
SIGLP012 The Deep Calibre 3x12"
SIGLP012LTD Lit /Gentle Push Calibre 12"
SIGLP013 Shelflife 5 [full colour sleeve / incl. full album download card] Calibre 3x12"
SIGLP014 Planet Hearth [printed gatefold / incl. dl code] Calibre 2x12"
SIGLP015 Shelflife 6 [full colour slipcase / incl. dl code] Calibre 4x12"
SIGLP016 Feeling Normal [full colour slipcase / incl. dl code] Calibre 4x12"
SIGLTD 001 These Few / Don't Watch This Calibre 10"
TEED1 Garden Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs 12"
TEED2 Household Goods / Garden Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs 12"

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