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Soul Notes Recordings

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Soul Notes Recordings

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label profile: Soul Notes Recordings

Focussing on the raw and deep side of House music. "Soul Notes" is an Imprint
that will strive for unpolished beats and soul touching vibes.With artists that lean heavily on analog equipement and nostalgic vibes.

Records on Soul Notes Recordings
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 23 records
SN1201 That Jazz EP Kastil 12"
SN1202 Snapback Grooves Adryiano 12"
SN1202R Snapback Grooves Adryiano 12"
SN1202RP Snapback Grooves Adryiano 12"
SN1203 The Search For A Lost Dream EP Deymare 12"
SN1204 Rawthentic City EP Fulbert 12"
SN1205 Burning Patterns EP Toni Be 12"
SN1206.1 Many Shades Of Soul Notes Vol. 1 Various Artists 12"
SN1206.1R Many Shades Of SN Vol. 1 [repress] Various Artists 12"
SN1206.1RP Many Shades Of SN Vol. 1 - repress on 180 gr. vinyl in brown standard sl Various Artists 12"
SN1206.2 The Many Shades Of Soul Notes, Volume Two Various Artists 12"
SN1207 Binary Star EP Kastil 12"
SN1208 Voodoo Kastil & I-Real 12"
SN1209 Down South Adryiano 12"
SN1210 Sagas Of Subterranean Life Norse 12"
SN1211 Change EP - incl. Adryiano remix Mr. Fries 12"
SNPACK001 Soul Notes pack incl. 007/008/010 Kastil / Eomac / Norse 3x12"
SNX001 Uattefak - 180 grams Pink & White mixed vinyl Kastil / Adryiano 12"
SNX002 First Sight Loskober 12"
SNX003 Endless M.I.E.F. Hamsa Intenational 12"
SNX004 Efenkei Efenkei 12"
SNX005 SNX005 Various Artists 12"
SNX006 Rotting Cage Ben Kaczor 12"

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