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Tech On Records

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Tech On Records


label profile: Tech On Records

Tech On records was born in Granada in the year 99/00 as an event production company. Since its inception has always focused on electronic music and techno in particular. In the promoter of events features artists like Chris Liebing, Ben Sims, James Ruskin, Oscar Mulero, Horacio Cruz, Oliver Ho, Christian Wunchs, Technasia, Gayle San, Tim Baker, Rino Cerrone, Cristian Varela, Ken Ishii, Pascal Feos, Surgeon, Dylan Drazen, Robert Natus, Sven Wittekind, Frank Kvitta, Eric Sneo, Gaetano Parisio, Valentino Kanzyani, Boriqua Tribez, Marko Nastic, Takaaki Itoh and etc. ...
It has prepared techno festivals like the Circus 07/08/09, 06/07/08/09 Swim Dance festival, CODE tour 07/08/09 and has appeared on many national events in prestigious venues. In 2003 he began a new activity, the creation of Tech on records label which has so far published 9 references. Seal Productions feature the work of artists like A.paul, Sebastian Kramer, Kazu Kimura, Horacio Cruz, Axel Karakasis, C-System, David Moleon, Killians, Dito Masats or Tadox among others.
Today is a techno label reference in Spain.
For your reference number 10, Tech On Records began working with the best techno distributor of time, Holland's Triple Vision.

Records on Tech On Records
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 10 records
TECHON 003 Signals Sebastian Kramer 12"
TECHON 006 Motions A.Paul / Horacio Cruz / J. Leyend 12"
TECHON 007 Summer / About Me / Saulier Various Artists 12"
TECHON 008 Kimino Axel karakasis / Horacio Cruz 12"
TECHON 009 Burbuja Horacio Cruz / Tadox 12"
TECHON 010 Maracena City / Remote Sensor Horacio Cruz / C-System 12"
TECHON 011 War Is Over Dj Preach / Horacio Cruz / LxS 12"
TECHON012 Morfogen Horacio Cruz & C-System 12"
TECHON013 Wanted EP Horacio Cruz & C-System / Alvaro Sanchez / Morfogen 12"
TECHON014 Tribute To The Clubs David Moleon / Horacio Cruz 12"

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