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The Light Records

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The Light Records


Records on The Light Records
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 11 records
TLE1 Absolute A.Paul 12"
TLE10 Turn Up Various Artists 12"
TLE11 Episode Eleven Various Artists 12"
TLE2 Akuaba A.Paul 12"
TLE3 The Light Episode Three Industrialyzer vs. A.Paul 12"
TLE4 The Light Andreas Kremer vs. A Paul 12"
TLE5 What Would It Be Like Paul Boex & Marco Rane 12"
TLE6 Present Moment EP A.Paul vs. L.K. 12"
TLE7 Apparatus Criticus EP John Karagiannis & PayLipService 12"
TLE8 Episode Eight A.Paul vs. Spiros Kaloumenos 12"
TLE9 Episode Nine Ben Sims vs. A.Paul 12"

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