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Tonal Path

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Tonal Path


label profile: Tonal Path

Tonal Path: Glenn Wilson & Mattias Fridell

Glenn Wilson:

Glenn’s evolution into the electronica scene came after being influenced by the electro, hip hop and break-dance movement that swept the UK during the 80’s. The sounds and beats from the likes of bambaataa, together with documentaries about the New York Bronx’s Zulu nation and movies like beat street soon isolated Glenn from the mainstream music his friend’s was listening. After some years later in 1991 Glenn relocating to Sweden where he started dj-ing on a local radio station in the south of Sweden playing & exposing various forms of techno, At the end of 93 Glenn Moved his operation North to the capital Stockholm and opened the Planet Rhythm record store. the same name as his record label which was founded a year earlier. The Record store was a Hub for Stockholm's producers and dj's and infact was the base for Cari Lekebusch's Hybrid Studio as well as Adam Beyer and Jesper Dahlbaeks 1st employment. The store soon got a reputation as one of Stockholm's premier hangout spots and many regard it as the true catalyst for the Swedish Techno Scene

Mattias Fridell:
Swedish Techno producer Mattias Fridell born in the early 80's, known for his mechanically & synthetic driven sound structures is a man involved in many projects. His music is described as a futuristic synthesised realm containing grooves and pounding beats with extreme production & outstanding ideas. As a versatile techno producer he is making what he feels most for at the moment; Techno with attitude, Minimalism, Tech-House or Detroit flavoured vibes. With 10 years in the scene Mattias music is highly sought after and he is constantly taking requests for music from all over the world on many different record labels.

In the early part of 2010 the two artists collabed after Mattias remixed Glenn Wilson & Mike Humphries legendary Aural Exciter track. After long conversations Glenn & Mattias realised that they shared the same views about electronic music, production techniques, and sound synthesis. The outcome of this was Tonal Path a collaboration that wont go unnoticed...

Records on Tonal Path
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 3 records
TONAL1.2 The Bridge / No More Ghosts Glenn Wilson & Mattias Fridell 12"
TONALV2 Heavy Structure Remixes Glenn Wilson 12"
TONALV3 Under Construction Glenn Wilson / Tony Montana 12"

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