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Uncanny Valley

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Uncanny Valley


Records on Uncanny Valley
catalog# record title artists format
Total: 29 records
UV014 Prayervan EP Sandrow M 12"
UV025 Uncanny Valley 025 Various Artists 12"
UV026 Transparency CVBox & Micha Freier 12"
UV027 Chicago Pizza Citizen Funk 12"
UV028 Party Beats Credit 00 12"
UV029 EP 2 Jacob Korn 12"
UV030VAULT Uncanny Valley: Five Years On Parole - Gems From The Vaults Various Artists 12"
UV031 Kuiper Belt Rose Sandrow M 12"
UV033 Heart Joel Alter 12"
UV034 Connection Lost Pt. 1 Massimiliano Pagliara 12"
UV035 Rivers Edge Chinaski 12"
UV036 Umami EP Panthera Krause 12"
UV037 Tribal Rhythm Machine Credit 00 12"
UV038 Connection Lost Pt. 2 Massimiliano Pagliara 12"
UV039 EP3 Jacob Korn 12"
UV040 Return Of The Sample Jesus Cuthead 12"
UV041 Break The Pattern Lake People 12"
UV042 Son of GX Jacob Korn 12"
UV043 All My Circuits Part I Panthera Krause 12"
UV044 AK OK Amrint Keen 12"
UV045 Sweet Romancer Iron Curtis 12"
UV046 Forms Herzel 12"
UV047 Can’t You See Cuthead 12"
UV048 EP 1/2 GOTT 12"
UVAC1 Uncanny Vacation Various Artists 12"
UVGNT01 Give'n'Take Various Artists 12"
UVLP02 Total Sellout Cuthead 2x12"
UVLP04 So ist es im Nadelwald CVBox 2x12"
UVLP05 Game Over Credit 00 2x12"

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