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Endlec / Fragmento / Ryuji Takeuchi / MTD & Tracy - A.C.R.002V.

Recording info

Asymmetrical code is the evolution of what is known as techno today. The "Code" or song, takes you on a journey to the future of the past where you can find an alternate "you" through contemporary realities and soundwaves.
Starting in 2013 as an underground label with no public releases, the main goal of Fragmento & Tracy (Owners) was to find and collect the perfect sound, ambients, and grooves to carry you to the musical meaning of Asymmetrical Code. On this journey the listener is also accompanied by visual stimulants created by the Label, to influence or facilitate the mind to wander and build a new creativity within you.
In this opportunity we have the pleasure to introduce in the A.C.R.002.V. artists such as ENDLEC - Fragmento - Ryuji Takeuchi - Tracy&MTD.
Stay tuned for the A.C.r. 003 .V.

Release Info

  • Order:
  • End of Life


pos artists title
A1 Endlec A1
A2 Fragmento A2
B1 Ryuji Takeuchi B1
B2 MTD & Tracy B2
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