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Commodity Place / Fabrizio Lapiana - I Love Watching The Sun Lost Beyond The Horizon

Recording info

A very special vinyl that underlines the vision and the elasticity of the origin of this label. The EP is signed Commodity Place.
Commodity Place (Coclea Music LTD) was founded by two romans musicians , Massimiliano Loretucci and Riccardo Frosoni.
Distant experiences, characterized by electronic and ambient influences of Massimiliano Loretucci inherited from progressive and psychedelic '70s Riccardo Frosoni.
A combination that has found a magical meeting point, merging into a true balance of melodic and rhythmic focal point of their collaboration.
The live performance of the Commodity Place is an experience that unites body and mind in a modern psychedelic journey that has catchy rhythms, while retaining sophisticated and engaging melody, which ranks as on of the most fresh and exciting 'electronic live' of today. In this EP perfectly represent their sound, a new age psychedelic electronic sounds combined with live instruments played. Distant atmospheres.
The remix of the title track is signed by the label's owner Fabrizio Lapiana. his version is perfectly good on the dancefloor to appreciate the atmosphere created by the original. Engaging, happy and sad .. not heavy and with something resembling atmosphere coming from a part of the old school in Detroit. A real journey into the sound!

Release Info


pos artists title
A1 Commodity Place Chenini
A2 Commodity Place I Love Watching The Sun Lost Beyond The Horizon
B1 Commodity Place I Love Watching The Sun Lost Beyond The Horizon ( remix Fabrizio Lapiana )
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