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Minicoolboyz a.k.a. TRIPTYCH - TRIPTYCH

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The MiniCoolBoyz make a big comeback to their beloved home label today, and announce an exclusive, limited edition series of vinyl-only releases that will showcase their new sound and direction. 300 copies, every one a 180 grams colored disc, 3 tracks each: simple and effective, the new work starts off with 3 techno bangers, hot as fire and damn ass-kicking right there. TRIPTYCH # 1 opens with "I Was There": a galloping bass line and eerie background ambiences are matched by dark vocals and percussive fills, until the ghostly break slows the pace down to a spooky vibe. "Vet"'s bright hi-pitched percussions open up the mood for a classic club stomper: the steady kick drum flow keeps going on and on to show that there's not let down from the 'Boyz. "Mexico D.F."'s brutal rhythm is techno at its purest, with extra-terrestrial laser noises leading the dance to a fierce burst of raw power. As everybody knows, the 'Boyz had their big breakthrough in 2008 when Richie Hawtin included their remix of Varese Ist Leer in his much praised "Sounds From Can Elles" compilation. Unlike most of their fellow producers who appeared on the same v/a though, they kept on riding very high after that, establishing themselves as respected producers, with releases on Dubfire's super label SCI+TEC Digital Audio, Saved, Form and many others, and as a dj duo who went on to perform at some of Europe's most famous clubs and festivals. Beside, they founded Amazing Records, which served as a canvas for their creativity and that spawned the career of several new upcoming young talents. Once again, they are doin' things here their own way: uncompromising, by themselves, without asking anyone. Always looking forward, they keep the spark that brought them where they are now. Their hunger for new visions and new sounds has lead them to experiment and to reinvent themselves: the minimal years are strong and rooted in their history, and now it's time to move on. Join the ride, if you have guts.

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pos title
A1 I Was There
B1 Vet
B2 Mexico D.F.
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