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Dj Link & Cesar Almena - Sétimo EP

Recording info

The latest release from the Portuguese label.. Another topseller with iberian producers A.Paul, Raul Mezcolanza, DJ Link and Cesar Almena.
Amigos006 was certainly one of the most wanted and fastest selling records of this year. Although we are still cooling down from the heat of that last release, Amigos Recordings is already releasing its next record, Setimo EP, by Portuguese DJ Link and Spanish Cesar Almena.
This is the 7th release from Amigos, and again the highest expectations were fulfilled by an amazing release with a different style on each side. On A side, 'Pujante' is a total dance floor killer, and opens the pumping side of the record, together with a brilliant remix from A.Paul. Side B brings us a very original track, 'Mafia Cello', that together with a great remix from Spanish Raul Mezcolanza, complete the more melodic side of this Amigos.
This release is a 'must listen' to every fan, and most certainly a 'must have' to every DJ, as it is again a very useful Amigos to carry on the DJ case.
Place your backorder copy now!!! You won't want to miss this crucial 4tracker.
Watch out for Amigos008 to come out in early 2010 with more great tracks from your favorite producers!

Release Info

  • Order:
  • End of Life


pos title
A1 Pujante
A2 Pujante ( remix A.Paul )
B1 Mafia Cello
B2 Mafia Cello ( remix Raul Mezcolanza )
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