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Conrad Van Orton / Gianluca Angelini - ANG Vinyl - two discs for the price of one

Recording info

Played and Supported by Luke Slater, , AnD, Cedrik, Marcel Dettmann, Inigo Kennedy, Norman Nodge, Dadub, Conrad Van Orton, Audio Injection and more.
'Timber-seeking and testing are the key for ANG,
a label engaged in a large range of electronic music.
This label wants to transmit the direct action of sound on the soul. Composition comes into contact with the soul and establishes the resonance. A label that can't be described simply by being ambient, but surely it is a label with music suspended between astraction and representation, a synthesis of external vision and internal contemplation.
A long journey called ANG' This was the presentation of the concept when Gianluca Angelini began his digital label. The time is past and the love for electronic music, his background, and feedback from many great artists... made sure that ANG born Vinyl. And here we are.
The first vinyl ANG is completely electronic music (as always has been)! The label's owner shows three tracks. In the A side, 'Sound P.Q.R.' is a reminder to all that influenced the musical life of the artist. Rhythmic breaks. Hypnotic sounds like a battle game. TB - 303. Classic vocal samples of the first series Simon Harris.
'Edge Of Kaos' is as confusing as the title describes it. Fast rhythmic breaks alternate with moments of reflection, then again kaos, frenetic and abstract rhythm. The nonsense that so influenced generations of electronic music lovers.
The B side is 'Luke Sinewalker'. A journey through the hypnotic parts of a pure electro!
This is just the beginning.
We confirm for the new vinyl label 'A Long Journey Called ANG'.


Already supported by Adam X, ROD, Developer, Dadub and more.
The second release on ANG Vinyl Records. A label that moves around the underground scene. It doesn't care about being in the right place at the right time, but only wants to express itself. Here Conrad Van Orton shows his dark and obsessive side, experimental but not too much. A release that involves the listener from the first sound, arriving in atmospheres that have no boundaries. The Re-edit signed by the label's owner Gianluca Angelini makes the potential of the label understandable. Define this release as a trip? It's your choice!

Release Info


pos artists title
A1 Gianluca Angelini Sound P.Q.R
A2 Gianluca Angelini Edge Of Chaos
B1 Gianluca Angelini Luke Sinewalker
C1 Conrad Van Orton Instance
C2 Conrad Van Orton Instance (Gianluca Angelini Re-Edit)
D1 Conrad Van Orton Mitosis
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