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Gein & Technical Itch feat. Mc Jakes / Gein & The Chosen - Killsound / Obey

Recording info

Labelowner GEIN featuring dnb superstar Technical Itch and one of the no1 mc's of the world MC Jakes!! This tune has been in the making for several years and Gein finally found the time to update it to todays standards. This is one of tunes that you hear and wonder: when is this released? Will it ever be released? Yes! Today is the day that you can fially grab your copy.. With the infectious vocals of Jakes this tune starts of with a monsterous bassline that will make you growl yourself. Big kicks and snares with the distorted breaks falling in to make it a complete tear-out tune. Massive!!
And you thought that's it? Wait till you flipped it over the B-side. DANGER! Gein & The Chose means trouble with a capitol T! Bassline bizniz on this one. The sub is so deep it will penetrate straight through your walls and will leave your neighbours scarred for life...
Be warned..

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  • End of Life


pos artists title
A1 Gein / Technical Itch & Mc Jakes Killsound
B1 Gein & The Chosen Obey
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