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Aleksi Perala - Colundi Sequence Vol.1

Recording info

The Clone Basement series dedicated to the true spirit of techno and music that excels in a dark smokey and isolated basement (including the dark corners of your brain) comes up with its first album release. This album explores the spiritual side of techno with a full length album by Finnish artist Aleksi Perala constructed from parts of the various Colundi Sequence levels presented so far. This is a limited triple album containing the spirit of the Colundi Sequence and showcasing the multiplicity of emotions and conditions as defined through the Colundi Scales. These scales are 128 resonant frequencies chosen via experimentation and philosophy, each relating to a specific human bio-resonance, or psychology, traditional mysticism or belief, physics, astronomy, maths, chemistry. The Colundi Sequence does you good whether you like it or not" BC: 8718723000147

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • CBS022LP
  • Label:
  • Clone Basement Series
  • Format:
  • 3x12"
  • Title:
  • Colundi Sequence Vol.1
  • Artist:
  • Aleksi Perala
  • Style:
  • House / Techno
  • Country:
  • Netherlands
  • Released:
  • 12th of June 2017


pos title
A1 UK74R1512110
A2 UK74R1406090
A3 UK74R1517030
B1 UK74R1516030
B2 UK74R1512130
B3 GBBVT1337152
C1 GBBVT1337062
C2 UK74R1510069
C3 UK74R1512120
D1 UK74R1409097
D2 UK74R1408054
D3 UK74R1513070
E1 UK74R1516090
E2 UK74R1515150
E3 UK74R1517050
F1 Hydrophobic Effect
F2 UK74R1409047
F3 UK74R1516160
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