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Micromakine - Josephine

Recording info

An ominous fate looms overhead - nothing can prepare you for the sheer ferocity of its contemptible plan - to take something you love, and rip it from your eternal grasp. The time has come, prepared or not, for the final blow...

Micromakine makes his outstanding debut on Enzyme Records with a diverse concoction of squealing synths, heavy hitting snares and highly experimental but playable beats that have an indescribable power that fuels them into oblivion! Deep and inspiring emotions are felt throughout this entire album, with a distinct hint of 'I just don't give a fu*k' thrown not so delicately into the mix. This album is a must-have for any lover of brute force core with a crossbreed twist.

Prepare for the carnage of 'Josephine' from Micromakine, coming to Enzyme Records in digital and physical formats on December 3rd, 2015.

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • CDE012
  • Label:
  • Enzyme Records
  • Format:
  • CD
  • Title:
  • Josephine
  • Artist:
  • Micromakine
  • Style:
  • Hardcore
  • Country:
  • Netherlands
  • Released:
  • 18th of December 2015
  • Order:
  • End of Life


pos artists title
01 Micromakine Josephine
02 Micromakine Go funck yourself
03 Micromakine The hardest part
04 Micromakine About time
05 Ruffneck vs. Micromakine Statement
06 Micromakine Delusional
07 Micromakine Evolution
08 Micromakine Desire
09 Rude Awakening vs. Micromakine The difference
10 Micromakine Give me the breaks
11 Micromakine Hunters
12 Micromakine Space Explorer
13 Gancher & Ruin vs. Micromakine The Universe
14 Micromakine Josephine (DJ Ruffneck VIP)
15 Micromakine The hardest part (DJ Ruffneck VIP)
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