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Rregula - The Barramundi Experiment

Recording info

Hailing from Perth, Australia, this talented and prolific producer is no stranger to the music scene. Following his first taste of an Akai sampler to drop film samples on the intros of songs in his metal band, The Dirty Whittler, Rregula eventually found himself drawn into the world of drum and bass and formed one half of Bad Robot in 2003, a monster collaboration with future Technique and Viper superstar, Phetsta.

With a number of releases on Subsonik Sound, Black Sun Empire, and Drumsound & Bassline Smith's popular Technique Recordings as Bad Robot, followed by solo projects on Vampire Records, DSCI4, Citrus Recordings, Icarus Audio, Climate Recordings, and too many others to name, Rregula has been scaling new heights with his output in the past year. Having just released an album project in 2011 on Trust In Music entitled 'Echoes From The Future' with Dementia and collaborations from the likes of Smooth, Trei and Optiv, one might think of calling it a year.. Rregula is not one of those people.

Now set to unleash his highly anticipated debut LP on Climate Recordings, Rregula presents: 'The Barramundi Experiment'. An album extraordinaire, with over 30 tunes of deep and dirty rolling drum and bass, halftime and drumstep.

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • Label:
  • Climate
  • Format:
  • 2xCD
  • Title:
  • The Barramundi Experiment
  • Artist:
  • Rregula
  • Style:
  • Drum n Bass
  • Country:
  • United Kingdom
  • Released:
  • 26th of March 2012


pos title
1.01 Zonk!
1.02 Let It Go
1.03 Divide By Squid
1.04 The Night
1.05 Dugong Rollout
1.06 Bunyip
1.07 Crab Station
1.08 Got Sharks
1.09 Reef Teeth
1.10 Sea Creature
1.11 Sky Monkey
1.12 Junk Trunk
1.13 Eyes Turn White
1.14 Blue Screen Scream
1.15 Torn 2 feat. Mastermynd
1.16 Reptile Dance feat. NME Click
2.01 Vacuum Tube
2.02 Arrival
2.03 The Barramundi Experiment
2.04 Survive
2.05 Halftime
2.06 Deluge
2.07 Monkey Eating Monkey
2.08 Out Of Luck
2.09 Epoch
2.10 Out Transmission
2.11 Snap It Off
2.12 White Cat
2.13 Business Weekly
2.14 Daryl
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