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Milo McBride - Dafosse

Recording info

Dafosse is an exploration of momentum and the crevices of space that resonate from it. With bubbling polyrhythms, hypnotic mechanical sounds, and grainy organic textures, the record presents its own distinct sonic palette. While tracks like 'Mes' (and Refracted's remix of it) depict the burning energy of a club, both 'Herbst' and 'Cruh' present a more chilled, cerebral function. It's a glacial vibe, with icy tones and what could be the faint howling of a distant arctic wind in the background.

Release Info


pos artists title
A1 Milo McBride Herbst
A2 Milo McBride Mes
B1 Milo McBride Cruh
B2 Milo McBride Mes ( remix Refracted )
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