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Gramz - Joken / Get Them Bags

Recording info

Following his two-track, debut vinyl release with Youngsta's Sentry Release, on top of a slew of prior, hard-hitting free downloads, Gramz makes his official introduction into the Crucial Recordings family. Taking a hard left turn into the more aggressive, distorted and experimental territory of the dubstep genre, Gramz's well-crafted output is known best for infusing dance floors with undeniable attitude and furious energy. With a heavy emphasis on flowing hip-hop beats and an inherent drive for forward-facing sound design, Gramz constantly sports an innovative, assaulting swag that can't be matched or duplicated. Offering an unconventional yet highly welcomed addition to bass music's overall perspective, Gramz entices listeners with detuned and distorted textures, loose drums, unfamiliar bassweight structures, bouncing grooves and weighty sub pressure.

Standing as the introduction to Gramz's Crucial release Jokin/Get Them Bags (CRUCIAL019), 'Jokin' slowly and unassumingly unfolds with a mushroom cloud of bass and swaying beats. However, the sonic tides change in an instant as the tune silences and then quickly escalates by unleashing a fit of true sound system damage led by seething midrange might. A true dance floor detinator. CRUCIAL019's b-side 'Get Them Bags' utilizes the impact of clever vocal work, low frequencies and sparse yet effective instrumentation to convey sophisticated, low frequency conviction. Offering itself a refreshing culmination to the release, 'Get Them Bags' proves the genuine power of intelligent restraint and an understated approach to bass music production.

Release Info

  • Catalog:
  • CRUCIAL019
  • Label:
  • Crucial Recordings
  • Format:
  • 12"
  • Title:
  • Joken / Get Them Bags
  • Artist:
  • Gramz
  • Style:
  • Dubstep
  • Country:
  • United Kingdom
  • Released:
  • 26th of October 2018


pos title
A1 Joken
B1 Get Them Bags
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