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Go Hiyama remix Radial remix Reeko - Crispy Bites EP

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This Japanese technopioneer has done some masterpieces last year on well respected labels such as Audio Assault and Zwart. Now it's time to hit back with a stunning and pounding EP on the new label Dynamic Reflection. This kid is the headchef of mindcrushing synths, steady pounding beats and crispy percussionloops as the first track so clearly shows.
The guys from Radial put out an awesome remix on the A2! Their rework leads you into the dark paths of techno, a true dancefloor killer!
Before checking the flipside you better insert your earplugs, cause here Mr. Hiyama comes up with an narly mindblowing stomper. He shows us how stuff like this is meant to be done and has no mercy on those eardrums.
Secondly there is another remix from the Spanish wonderboy Reeko, who takes you into the deep and dark dungeons of his Spanish artgallery. With his heavy basslines and his extraordinary uplifting percussion loops he pushes himself to another level with this one!
All 'n all a superior first release on this new and pure techno label, which perfectly reflects the current techno movement and promises loads more of that sweet stuff in days to come...

Release Info

  • Order:
  • End of Life


pos artists title
A1 Go Hiyama D
A2 Go Hiyama D ( remix Radial )
B1 Go Hiyama C
B2 Go Hiyama C ( remix Reeko )
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